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November 09, 2015 • Issue 15:11:01

New Products

Integrated, secure, virtual POS platform

Product: Virtual Terminal
Company: Clearent LLC

Clayton, Mo.-based payment processor Clearent LLC added a virtual terminal to its family of payment processing solutions. Designed to be stable, secure and flexible, the platform can process electronic payment transactions on a range of connected devices.

The company said its virtual terminal has an open design with a simple user interface that can be customized according to the needs of select vertical industries, including healthcare, not-for-profit and membership organizations. Consulting firms, professional services, educational institutions and property management companies can also adapt the platform to fit their respective environments.

"It's a great solution that gives merchants the flexibility they need to process payments anytime, anywhere," said Dan Geraty, Chief Executive Officer at Clearent. He added that merchants can use the platform to tap into a full range of services from next-day funding to online reporting tools and detailed merchant statements.

Peripheral options, optimized displays

Clearent also pointed out that peripheral payment card readers can be paired via Bluetooth or USB with the resident virtual terminal device to create an additional layer of security for card-present payment transactions. Clearent's POS application encrypts cardholder data and provides end-to-end encryption and tokenization throughout the transaction. Sensitive cardholder data is encrypted by the card reader peripheral at point of entry and remains encrypted until it reaches Clearent's secure, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard-compliant platform.

The virtual terminal application has a simplified interface with responsive screen layout. The screen display is designed to self-adjust to the screen size of tablets, smartphones and desktop computer monitors. This automated provisioning makes it easy for merchants to access the program using any of their connected devices, Clearent stated.

Fully integrated POS environment

The Clearent virtual terminal can be fully integrated into merchant processing environments, enabling business owners to use one log-in across multiple locations and businesses. The merchants also receive a consolidated merchant account statement with detailed reporting on their entire device populations, including virtual terminals. This helps simplify reconciliation and other back-office operations for all types of businesses, Clearent said.

In addition, the virtual terminal is designed to scale, operating within Clearent's payment processing ecosystem without dependence on separate, third-party gateway and middleware service providers. Having an independent, all-in-one business solution can help merchants simplify day-to-day procedures while reducing transaction and monthly processing fees.

Clearent pointed out the following characteristics of its virtual terminal and ways in which merchants can use the system to enhance their payment processing:

  • Supports all transaction types: The virtual terminal supports all major transaction types, including sale, authorizations, tip adjustments, voids, forced sales and refunds.
  • Multiple merchant accounts: Merchants can set up multiple processing accounts on the virtual terminal platform.
  • Customized permission levels: The platform supports multiple user accounts and permissions, enabling all stakeholders to log in and manage relevant activities and tasks.
  • Flexible settlement options: Virtual terminal users can batch out when most convenient for their businesses.
  • Digital signature capture: Capacitive screens on card reader peripherals that accept cardholder signatures are processed and saved in the virtual terminal, which can help verify identity and protect against chargebacks.
  • Simple user interface: The virtual terminal is easy to learn and is broadly compatible with a range of connected devices, web browsers and operating systems.
  • Search feature: Merchants can review batch history, look up individual transactions and react quickly to customer questions by using the virtual terminal's built-in search engine.

Adaptable, scalable platform

Clearent noted that its virtual terminal is highly adaptable to various business environments. Merchants can use the platform to accept payments in storefronts, back offices, and on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. The application can be optionally paired with a payment card reader device.

The custom web-based interface enables merchants to receive automatic software updates and process in real time. The program will be continually enhanced and adapted according to individual merchant requirements and changing payments industry trends, the company stated. end of article

Website: www.clearent.com Contact:sales@clearent.com

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