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April 28, 2014 • Issue 14:04:02

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Interviews galore at Transact 14

I've been checking out some interviews Green Sheet did at ETA. It is interesting reading. I like seeing pictures taken at the event, too. Good job.

Kevin A., MSP


Thank you for the kind words. The Green Sheet strives to provide ISOs and merchant level salespeople the very best information about the industry. Here is a list of the payment professionals interviewed at Transact 14: Powered by ETA. The interviews were posted online in a three-part series called Voices of Transact 14:

  1. Doug Dwyre, Chief Executive Officer at mocapay
  2. TouchSuite executives: Farshad Tafazzoli, Chief Products & Marketing Officer; Mike DePinto, Executive Vice President Gary Breeds, Business Development Manager
  3. Bill Clark, Chief Executive Officer at Spindle Inc.
  4. Guy Chiarelli, President of First Data Corp.
  5. Shelley Plomske, Vice President Product at Total Merchant Services
  6. Will Wang Graylin, Chief Executive Officer at Loop
  7. Matt Getzelman, PCI Practice Director at Coalfire Systems Inc.
  8. BlueSnap Inc. executives: Ralph Dangelmaier, Chief Executive Officer Kelly Seelig, Vice President, Marketing
  9. Jonathan Ellman, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Compliance and Government Affairs at Vantiv
  10. Jason Oxman, Chief Executive Officer at the Electronic Transactions Association
  11. Jeff Fortney, Vice President, ISO Channel Management at Clearent LLC
  12. Apriva executives: Stacey Finley Tappin, Senior Vice President, North American Sales & Marketing Communications Benjamin Hurley, Director, Mobile Product Management
  13. AnywhereCommerce executives: Mitch Cobrin, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Debra McAteer, Vice President, U.S. Reseller & ISO Channel
  14. Susan M. Sheen, TSYS Acquiring Solutions Group Executive, Marketing, Communications and Business Support
  15. Lisa Ludolph, Associate Director, Sales & Marketing, TSYS Acquiring Solutions
  16. Paul Rasori, Executive Vice President, Product & Marketing, PowaPOS
  17. ControlScan executives: Joan Herbig, Chief Executive Officer Stacey Holleran, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications
  18. Shan Ethridge, Vice President & General Manager NAFG, VeriFone Inc.

Stay or go?

I started out in retail sales and am very familiar with swipe machines. I recently joined the industry and see merchants adopting tablet POS. I wonder if I'm with the right ISO. He swears by standard terminals, has deals with resellers and doesn't want to go to tablets. But he's been great at teaching me the basics of selling and the ins-and-outs of the industry. So I'm not sure whether to stay with my current ISO and get proficient at selling or jump to another company that sells tablet POS. Any advice?



Yours is an interesting and difficult situation. You seem to have found a mentor, which is gold in this industry, but he seems to be stuck in the past. Tablet POS systems do seem to be the future, if not the present. The standard POS terminals seem more and more a thing of the past, although they will be with us for some time to come.

You could take all the ISO has taught you and jump to another ISO that is embracing the future. It is not uncommon for reps to move from ISO to ISO. And sometimes that is the best solution. However, it seems you have a degree of loyalty to your ISO and all that he has taught you. Why not become the teacher instead of the pupil? Instead of abandoning your ISO, you could make the pitch to him to start offering tablet POS as another payment option.

I suggest you work up a list of vendors you think would be compatible with your ISO. Think of the satisfaction you would feel from helping your ISO make the transition. This way, you can continue to soak up industry knowledge from him and at the same time contribute to the ISO's future success.

Whatever route you choose, good luck to you.


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