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Uncle Sam's finger in the payment pie: A legislative update

Patti Murphy
The Takoma Group


Industry Update

Interchange mandates might help, but not everyone

Holidays a boon for data thieves, too

ETAU now in session

An AmEx Revolution


GS Advisory Board:
The best moves of 2009 - Part I

Research Rundown

Selling Prepaid

Prepaid in brief

Origins of the gift card mall

Walter Paulsen
Payments Industry Consultant


Principles for success in 2010

Biff Matthews
CardWare International

Automate or flounder

Scott Henry


Street SmartsSM:
To train or not to train

Jon Perry and Vanessa Lang

Digging into PCI - Parts 5 and 6:
Maintain a vulnerability management program

Tim Cranny
Panoptic Security Inc.

The annual marketing and communications plan

Peggy Bekavac Olson
Strategic Marketing

PIN entry devices: Plan now for July 2010

Joan Herbig

Creating positive consequences:
Three tips

Jeff Fortney
Clearent LLC

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Performance Training Systems Bankcard Boot Camp

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Digitizing Cash


Name recognition for ISOs

CarpéCharge terminal branding


Work that family mojo


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December 14, 2009  •  Issue 09:12:01

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Misleading MCCs

I have worked within the industry for the past eight years, and it seems like I'm running into more and more salespeople taking advantage of using improper MCCs [merchant category codes] to lower interchange levels for merchants.

For example, I have seen car washes set up as gas stations, so the result is the merchant ends up paying a lower interchange level. But I know this isn't ethical. Another example is oil resellers who only sell heating oil being set up on the utility MCC code; the end result is the merchants pay much lower interchange levels.

What can I do to prove to merchants that this practice is unethical, and they could get in trouble for doing this? And who exactly should I report the salesperson to? We have enough cheaters and liars in this industry. I want to start doing something about it

Luciano Di Felice
Advanced Payment Solutions LLC


We referred your question to Adam Atlas, a veteran payments industry attorney. Following is his response:

Thank you, Luciano, for your commitment to strengthening our industry's practices and reputation. And thank you, Adam, for your sound advice.


Preparing to fight fraud

I'm rather new to the credit card processing industry and currently work ... as an account retention manager. This is great, ground floor industry training, but my goal is to eventually work in the card fraud sector of the industry. I would like to know what industry organizations offer seminars or educational opportunities, including online training if available. If you can offer any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for allowing me to join your outstanding Web forum.

Eric Hughes
XtraValue Payments Inc.


Welcome to the payments industry, and thank you for joining GS Online's MLS Forum. Following are five educational resources pertaining to fraud prevention:

1. The Fraud Practice offers in-house and remote, webinar-based training options on a variety of topics. (

2. The International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators, Nevada Chapter, is holding its 2010 Training Seminar Summit on Fraud, Sept. 8 to 10, 2010, in Las Vegas. (

3. Mares & Co. offers instruction on how to use the programs in Maresware: The Suite, which includes programs for computer forensics, data analysis and information security. (

4. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners has archived hundreds of articles on a variety of fraud topics. ( and

5. The Bank Training Center provides training via online courses, webcasts, webinars and audio conference. Topics include fraud prevention pertaining to credit cards, checks, Internet payments, phishing, identity theft, new accounts, deposits and information system breaches. (

In addition, the Electronic Transactions Association's ETA University recently launched the ETAU Online Payment Essentials, a series of four courses covering industry basics, including Sales Channel Development, Introduction to Electronic Processing, Introduction to Sales and Marketing, and Introduction to Operations.

Best of luck to you.

Notice to readers: These are archived articles. Contact names or information may be out of date. We regret any inconvenience.

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