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December 14, 2009 • Issue 09:12:01

New Products

Name recognition for ISOs

Product: CarpéCharge terminal branding
Company: CarpéCharge

ISOs operate in relative obscurity. The average person outside the payments realm isn't even likely to know what an ISO is, and some merchants even have a hard time naming their merchant services providers.

A big part of that is due to a lack of visible branding. ISOs sell products, of course, but almost always they are someone else's products, branded exclusively with the manufacturer's logo and phone number.

A new service from CarpéCharge aims to change that. The company recently introduced a free branding service for ISOs that sell CarpéCharge's online terminals. The aim is to give the often obscure middleman a little name exposure.

CarpéCharge offers a server-based virtual terminal for merchants. "What we're doing is launching this private-label aspect of it where we can take the terminal as it appears on the screen and give it the custom private label branding for an ISO," said Dean Burke, Director of Marketing and New Business Development for CarpéCharge.

Reinforcing company names

Burke said the service would promote loyalty among merchants by reinforcing the names of their service providers and predisposing them to contact those companies when they have questions or needs. Branding can also help ISOs through merchant-to-merchant referrals; merchants who are aware of their providers are more likely to use the providers' names in conversation.

"What makes the ISO so unique is their service and how they support that merchant," Burke said. "This keeps the branding imagery top of mind, keeps that merchant thinking about who their ISO or merchant service provider is, gives them less opportunity to be distracted by third-party branding and ... helps the ISO streamline their communications with their merchants, so they have a cleaner, more concise look that follows their services."

Burke said ISOs who use the service are consulted to determine exactly how the branding will look, but that the work of creating the logo or image is done by CarpéCharge. ISOs supply finished logos and any instructions on color templates and so forth. Then CarpéCharge takes it from there.

"First and foremost we want to make sure that when the product opens and runs, that their name is very [conspicuous] and their design very clear," Burke said. "Second to that, and supporting it, are the colors and fonts designed around it."

No effect on PCI compliance

CarpéCharge Director of Special Projects Dan Wade added that because the customization work is performed by the terminal supplier, the work has no bearing on Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) compliance mandates.

"One of the biggest problems when you're wanting to customize something: more often than not you have to do that from a custom software standpoint, meaning you're actually integrating something that's third party and have to go through your [Payment Application DSS] review," Wade said. "This doesn't require that."

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