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The ATM/Debit Resource, Inc.


One of the greatest sources of consternation in the ATM industry has been the marketing of the "Cashless" ATM terminal. Banks seem to hate them; the merchants who use them in their businesses are said to love them. According to the people who sell them, it's a great way to help shoppers obtain needed money and stay in the business long enough to shop, talk with a clerk, and spend.

Two of the innovators in this still "untraditional" industry are Art and Yaffa Fried. Art and Yaffa are cofounders of The ATM/Debit Resource, Inc., the company that created and now markets the 3 year-old TheGreenMachine2000™óthe world's leading "Cashless" ATM machine.

TheGreenMachine2000™ debits the user's checking account, exactly the same way as a "moneyed" ATM would do. But instead of cash, the customer is provided with a receipt, which serves as a credit and is only good when used in the store/bar/restaurantówhatever business-type they are frequenting. The end result is customers with the ability to spend more money, and increased security because there is no need for ATM cash to be kept on hand. Also, it's an added revenue generator for the merchant, because the customer has been slowed down enough to stop and spend the cash in the store. (Even a customer, who may have stopped in with the sole intention of getting ATM cash is slowed down enough to browse and consider making an impulse purchase, says Fried.)

Prior to this venture, Art had been founder and creative director of Art Fried & Associates, an advertising agency. His client list included such national accounts as Pepperidge Farms, Ethan Allen, and Baldwin Pianos. With a history of entrepreneurial ventures under his belt, and with a background in the financial services under hers (Yaffa formerly worked with Northern Leasing Systems, Inc.), Art and Yaffa came together and founded The ATM/Debit Resource, Inc., a company that specializes in pioneering new techniques and pinpointing new markets in the rapidly developing debit field.

"We've tried to create a niche market for ourselves," Yaffa said. "Bars and restaurants and casinos are ideal. Basically, it's anywhere that you can eat, drink, and have a good time."

What has made them successful, say the Frieds, is the fact that they have put their own twist on something in a proven lucrative industry, and brought it in at a price-point that is much more economically desirable for smaller businesses.

"ISOs need a new productóan alternative to the ATM. Not everyone can afford to get into an ATM. And sometimes it's not just about moneyóthey may not have had enough time in business, and may not have a good enough credit rating. Our machines cost significantly less, remaining a ësmall-ticket' item, coming in under $3,000. So instead of needing a good Dun & Bradstreet and other sticky qualifiers, all the merchant really needs is a good credit rating." Yaffa said. She added, "Obviously, we are not for every location. Our primary customer base is made up of small and mid-sized merchants."

"We have a message for the ATM salespeople, and that is, if you have declined leases, you should try to get into one of our machines. Because of the fact that we approve more easily, smaller merchants can now compete as fairly as the larger merchants can. A geographic sampling of our units that are in 100 Cash & Go stores have been known to do a half-million dollars a month. If you think of even 10% of that half-million as staying in those storesónow that's business! So, our units are helping to build businesses."

Art and Yaffa would like nothing more than to have a huge sales force of ISOs marketing TheGreenMachine2000™.

For more information about ISO opportunities with The ATM/Debit Resource and TheGreenMachine2000™, please contact Art or Yaffa at (888) 286-4733.