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Letters to the Editor



Thank you so much for this book! I have really been in a slump since Christmas, coming closer everyday to quitting. This is a tough industry, like you said, but reading that book was just the jolt I needed. I can't wait ëtil Monday so that I can put this to work. You are so knowledgeable to our needs as sales professionals in the Credit Card Industry. It fits our needs better than other motivational books.

Thanks again,

Jill Harteis


I am so pleased that you found something of value in the book. I hope this week went well for you, and remember SWSWSW...N!

Good Selling!

Paul H. Green

Dear Mr. Green:

Can you give me any more info regarding the "VeriFone Time Bomb" article? The Zon XL Jr clock chip's date can be set for 2079 in the one's we are using. The ROM version of these machines is XE2AU3.20 Do you suppose that the one's being referred to in your article are older ROM's?

Wayne Gauley



Yes, that is correct. Version 3.2 is Y2K compliant. It is important to note that the Year 2000 issue is related to software applications and not hardware. It is the responsibility of the Bank/ISO/Processor to test its current software applications with the terminals into which the applications are being downloaded. In an effort to help determine the capabilities of your terminals, VISA USA and MasterCard are issuing test credit cards free of charge. Please contact the VISA Fulfillment Center at (800) 847-2511 or MasterCard at (914)249-2000 for more information.

Paul H. Green,


Hi Paul:

Great site! My name is Dee Ann Maki and I am a freelance editor for Faulkner & Gray, publishers of banking periodicals. I am looking for a list of ISOs (fax, phone, address, execs, etc.) for a ranking of ISOs and merchant acquirers in our new Merchant Acquirer Directory, to be published this fall. Has The Green Sheet ever compiled such a list and if so, could you send me a copy. Faulkner & Gray will credit The Green Sheet for use of the information. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know as soon as possible. Thanks for your time!, Dee Ann

Dee Ann:

Yes, we have been working on our list for the last sixteen years. The list is the core of our publishing business, and many organizations, not the least of which is Visa and MasterCard have wanted the list. I am sorry to say that we do not provide the list to anyone.

Paul H. Green