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A Thing Repeat Repeat and Repeat
Repeat Repeat and Repeat


This service is stress free. You don't fill out forms. We do all the forms. We do all the details. You don't have to worry about the details."

What do each of these phrases have in common? Right! They each mean the same thing.

To motivate a prospect, we must repeat, repeat, repeat why they should purchase. The skill is in presenting the same information in different ways. Such as:

"This is the easiest terminal on the market. There is no terminal that is easier than this one. Every other terminals is difficult, compared to this one. This terminal is simple."

Advertisers buy in yearly increments because they know that one ad does not work. The public needs to see an ad 15 or 20 times before they even realize what it is for. Then, they need to be motivated to buy the product. So you must repeat your selling points over and over until you are convinced that the prospect has heard, and will retain, them all. This is especially important if your contact needs to report to someone else.

So, repeat , rephrase, and play it again and again and again, Sam.