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Letters to the Editor


Thank you for your response! I did check out that first issue and got in touch with several of the ISOs. Also the profile about NBA, EPI.

The ISO that seemed to work best for me wants $95 up-front for business cards and starter kit. Just wondering what you thought about this? None of the others wanted this $ up-front. They do provide the rep with many other services, such as providing leads.

Thanks for the tip about AMB.

I'll let you know the outcome

Thank You,

Joel A. Clifton



The up-front money is more common than this list might make you think. One of the primary reasons for this is the number of people in the industry who will inquire about the competitor's programs, just to steal ideas. Many organizations realize that you may not be able to stop this or for that matter the "looky lou's," but you can at least recover your cost.

Stay in touch, looking forward to a story about your search.

Good Selling!SM

Paul H. Green

Dear Paul,

. . .Thank you for the impressive newsletter you are providing to the ISO industry. My goals are to succeed in the Bankcard and Check Services business; however, at times I feel I need more knowledge. The Green Sheet is very unique and helpful. Hopefully you can assist in further educating myself and my associates in Minnesota and Wisconsin. . . I believe your philosophy is very similar to my own in regards to customer care.


John Bryant



I am pleased that you are finding some of what you need within the pages of The Green Sheet.

Good Selling!SM

Paul H. Green

To Editor:

Would you happen to have a contact [number] and/or Web address for National City Check?


Jason C. Smith



You could contact Chris O'Hara, SVP of NPC Merchant Check Services in Riverdale, NJ. (201-839-6600). The NPC web address is Don't forget to tell Chris The Green Sheet sent you.

Good Selling!SM

Paul H. Green

To Editor:

My name is Laura Jerome, and I work for a marketing and incentive company. Currently, I am working on a certification book for Moen Incorporated.

A certification program will be offered to plumbing contractors nation wide through Moen. The book will contain certification modules covering important Moen plumbing information and general sales tips the contractors can apply to their business. I believe some of your sales tips would be helpful, and was wondering if it is possible to receive your permission to use them in the book/program. The tips will be cited back to you and we may even be able to include your web address for further information. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time

Laura Jerome

Marketing Manager, pmh



Yes, you may use the sales tip information from The Green Sheet in your Certification book forMoen Incorporated. Please reference The Green Sheet, and either tell us how to get our hands on one of the books, or provide us a blue-line example.

Sounds like you are working on an interesting project.

Good Luck and Good Selling!SM

Paul H. Green

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