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Analyzing Statements

Matt Jordan, President
Affordable Merchant Services

Thank you for several calls on my first article on "Telemarketing," an important agent system. Equally important is the analysis of monthly statements for POS and Check Guarantee Service.

When selling CrossCheck, the nations best, we guarantee to have the most benefits for the least amount of money. However, remember, we are all in business to make money. Do not be too quick to give the lowest rate allowed in our schedules. First, ask, "Do you have a check guarantee service?" If so, analyze it and only offer 10% less. If it works, you'll make more money. If it does not, call the Sales Support Dept. (1-800-634-2365) for help. Do not lose the sale. Cross Check has the most helpful support desk I have ever worked with!

Regarding POS, before you jump at your lowest rate, analyze their current processing statement. Look for monthly costs, discount rate, rental fees if any, charge backs, mid or non qualifying costs, average ticket, number of total transactions, and monthly volume.

Perhaps switching from a terminal to host (automatic) batch can save them unnecessary fees and keep your discount quote higher.

You are in a great business, but take time to work carefully. Don't skip the steps and you will make more money. A sale is the successful conclusion of many necessary steps. Analyzing statements is one of the most important steps.

Good Luck!


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