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Motivating You!


Keeping yourself motivated can be your most challenging job. Here are some tips for re-charging you!


Establish a support group. Whether it's your office mates or e-mail pals, connect yourself with other sales professionals you can rely on for assistance, counsel, and critique. With cellular phones, the Internet, and faxes even the most isolated salesperson can establish a "team." I know of two people who called each other each morning at 6:45 to recite a motivational poem. It took 1 minute out of their morning and set the tone for the entire day.


Turn the radio off! Listening to the radio in the morning is a sure way to bring yourself down. The mornings are filled with bad news you can't change, and if something really important happens you'll find out about it soon enough. Instead, use your commute time to listen to motivating tapes and positive messages. Most video rental businesses and libraries have a selection of audio tapes you can rent or borrow. Try listening to Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, Robert Schuller or even Shirley MacLaine to start your morning on an upbeat note.



Keep your perspective! In 100 years, will anyone remember? The botched presentations, missed appointments, customer problems, and innumerable business stresses really aren't the end of the world. Remember to take a moment to look at the big picture and today's small place in it. Don't let the challenges you face become bigger than they actually are.



Take a break! Get outside at least once a day. Taking a lunch break is actually more productive than working through lunch. Give your mind a break and gain a fresh perspective.



Review your goals and rewards! If your idea of success is a cherry 1967 Mustang, put a picture of one on your desk or bathroom mirror. List your short-term and long-term goals, and post this list by your desk with the heading "I Will!" As you review the list visualize yourself as having attained your goals. Plan your day with these goals in mind. If the task in front of you doesn't lead to one of your goals, don't go there-perhaps someone else needs that job.


Use those post-its! Leave yourself little "at-a-boys." "I sold five accounts today!" "My residual income increased today." "Happiness is a positive cash flow!" "25 days 'til Mexico!" Be sure to leave yourself notes on Friday afternoon to find on Monday morning-they'll probably surprise you!




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