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MLS: The Dream Job

According to a survey conducted by BusinessWeek Research Services, 72% of 500 senior-level business executives feel their current job is not their "dream job." The online survey queried 500 CEOs, presidents, controllers, department managers and consultants, and it found that while many are at the top of their field, they are not working their dream job.

What exactly is a dream job? Well, respondents listed such occupations as entertainment producer, winemaker, chef, pilot, golf pro or other professional athlete, rock star, neurosurgeon, and bed and breakfast (B&B) operator. Do you see a trend in these examples of dream jobs? To most of us, they don't seem like jobs at all because these are pursuits we usually equate with leisure time (except for the brain surgery).

On vacation we stay at hotels or B&Bs, spend our days golfing or watching sporting events, eat in nice restaurants and attend concerts or plays. It makes sense that these are our "dream jobs." Who wouldn't like to be on vacation 40 (or even 60 or 80) hours a week, and get a paycheck every Friday! Some of us might wish to trade in our current positions for a chance to taste syrah from an oak barrel or turn down the sheets at a quaint country inn.

But, when we wake from the dream and return to the real world, we realize that every occupation, even those that involve teeing off at an exclusive club or rubbing elbows with Hollywood elite, has the same realities: competition, personnel issues, profit margins, demanding bosses or investors, etc.

Every profession has its challenges and its rewards. No position is perfect (heck, that's why they have to pay us), but being an MLS is pretty close to a dream job, right? How many other professions allow you to be independent, have face-to-face contact with your customers and be respected and rewarded for your work?


If you are an MLS, you have freedom. There are very few job descriptions that include setting your own hours, scheduling your day and choosing your clients. You can even control how much you earn as your merchants dictate your income. You are also removed from corporate politics, downsizing and reorganizations, not to mention institutional gray cubicle walls.

Direct Contact

Independent agents have the luxury of working with clients one-on-one. If you want a sale, you can speak directly with your customer. If someone is unhappy or if there is a problem, you hear it directly from the client; you don't have to receive your information filtered down through a chain of command.

You are able to talk to end-users directly and find a solution that meets their needs. There are many industries that employ hundreds of thousands of people who never meet their end user. These people never get to see how their hard work makes a difference in the lives of their clients and customers.

Respect and Rewards

The financial services industry respects a good work ethic, dedication and perseverance. As an MLS, if you work hard, you are rewarded with increased earnings. A direct relationship exists between how hard you work and what you earn.

If you are dedicated to your clients, they become repeat clients, which increases your profit. If you are persistent, you increase your client roster as well as your revenue. Many jobs offer no hope for increased earnings, no matter how much overtime or extra effort is involved.

Life is full of choices. We choose our profession and we choose whether we are happy in it. Enjoy being an MLS and make it your dream job. Sure, it's not a vacation, but it's not supposed to be. Being an MLS has some challenges but with those challenges come many more rewards.

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