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A 'Sales' Union Forms in the South

On February 24, 2003 in Tampa, Fla., a new association began its formation efforts. This organization has a different mission than any previous industry association formed to date it hopes to garner the support of ALL of the Feet on the Street as it caters directly to the sales professional.

This new association, temporarily dubbed NAPP (National Association of Payment Professionals), hopes to eventually call every salesperson in the payment industry a member.

While everyone in the industry was invited, about 60 people attended the formation meeting and approved the creation of a not-for-profit association with the following mission statement:

This organization shall exist for all those selling in the Payment Processing industry, by providing Education, Benefits, Liaison/Representation and Certification.

Perhaps the most interesting resolution put forth in the meeting was that NAPP should always have as a majority of its Board of Directors individuals who sell and sign contracts within our industry. Even more interesting is that this concept of a "sales-controlled Board of Directors" was unanimously approved by those present.

The turnout for the NAPP formation meeting represented most states in the U.S. as well as BIN banks, leasing companies, processors, registered and unregistered ISOs and many independent contractors.

In shaping the association, those attending believe that the development of standardized training materials, both technical as well as consultative selling, are a high priority for future members, as is giving the independent sales representative a collective voice in the industry. In addition, the association will seek to develop a benefits program for its members, including such things as medical and retirement benefits.

Over the eight-hour meeting, many temporary steps were taken to get the association going:

  1. Approval of an interim name for the organization until the members choose an alternative.
  2. Approval of a Mission Statement, as noted above.
  3. Temporary Officers, Directors and Advisors were elected.
    • Executive Director: Brett Mansdorf
    • President: Steve Norell
    • Vice President: Bill Paul
    • Secretary: Carmen Carrero
    • Treasure: Keri Golden
    • Director: Andy Pitts
    • Director: Neil Mink
    • Director: Chuck Saden
    • Advisor: Paul H. Green
    • Advisor: Paul Martaus
    • Advisor: Corey Saftler
    • Advisor: Jim Maher
    • Advisor: Greg Cohen
  4. Rick Brennes, an ETA board member, was elected the ETA Liaison and Director for NAPP.
  5. The future makeup and size of the Board was approved.
  6. Staff attorney position was elected and filled by Ben Huddleston.
  7. Voting and non-voting positions were defined, with 11 voting seats to be elected (officers and directors) and two voting seats to be appointed (Executive Director and ETA Liaison). In addition, five non-voting Advisor seats were defined. (five Board seats remained open at the close of the meeting.)
  8. Steering Committees were approved: Executive, By-Laws, Membership and Fund-raising, and all committees were fully staffed with five to eight volunteers.
  9. Short-term organizational objectives were approved:
    • Get initial Web site available to prospective members
    • Sign members and raise funds
    • Open Board meeting with committee reports (TBA)
    • Initiate elections page on Web site and accept applications
  10. Membership dues were tabled for a committee discussion; however, it was agreed that the objective is to keep the dues as low as possible to encourage broad independent contractor membership.
  11. Short-term goals were approved:
      Quarter 1-2003:
    • Develop interim operational plan
    • Procure URL, non-profit status and Web hosting
    • Membership of at least 50 members
      Quarter 2-2003:
    • General assembly meeting (perhaps by Web)
    • Publications on Web site
    • Certification committee established
    • General elections once membership exceeds 500
    • Consider third-party management or association management
    • Work toward exchange of board seat with the ETA
      Quarter 3-2003:
    • Membership of at least 1,000
      Quarter 4-2003:
    • Membership of at least 1,200
    • General assembly meeting

Having seen such association building efforts before, I remember that it can be a bit like making sausage. While many like sausage, no one enjoys watching it being made. I am happy to report that in this case it was not at all messy. In fact, the discussions were spirited but respectful while being both professional and fun.

What everyone at the meeting acknowledged was that building an Association would be challenging, given the need to give voice to so many sales representatives who remain unregistered. While the balancing act of forming an Association of heretofore faceless sales professionals won't be easy, providing needed training, certification, benefits and recognition will be a strong incentive for independent contractors to become active members of an Association built specifically for them.

Assuming NAPP is able to meet its lofty objectives in the months and years ahead, this Association will become much more than an ETA-Lite. It can be the vehicle to get good information to those selling on the street and help to more fully professionalize the bankcard and others payment efforts on the street.


NAPP is beginning to raise support and funds for its expansion. The Green Sheet has donated $5,000 in seed money to help with the formation efforts. If you are interested in being a member and might even be willing to serve in an Association position or committee, please contact membership chairman Elbert Enrique at 813-376-3060.

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