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Web Site Traffic Generation

by Daniel Wadleigh

From the time that you have your Web site posted, you should gear all your promotion efforts toward persuading customers to visit your site.

A corporate Web site is your chance to place a lot of appealing information, at a relatively low cost, in a way that will make the customer want to respond to your product/service.

 Another advantage is that they are more likely to click on your site than they are to call you. A Web site is non-threatening, window-shopping guarantees anonymity, and customers can take all the time they need to make a decision.

Some customers will relish the chance to hide from the hard sell, and, in the comfort of their own homes will find irresistible your service or product, and will find useful the information you have displayed.

So, once you have your site properly designed and laid out, it’s time to get the right people to go there. To inspire someone to go to your site means that, each time you meet someone or shake their hand, you have to sell them on visiting your site. It is not enough for you to say, “Check out our site.” Why should they bother to take the time and make the effort to go to your site? Instead, you need to say something like “Go and learn the three critical things you need to know before you buy a______.” It has to benefit them personally for them to bother to look at your site! Their inner profit motive needs to scream, “If I don’t go there, it’s going to cost me and it’s going to hurt.” The consequences of not going there have to be as unacceptable as you can realistically make them.

New customers can be introduced to the wonders of your product/service, or existing customers can be offered new or additional products and services. Short ads are better than long, but the number of benefits to the customer is much more important than the length of the ad.

Remember, in retail and e-tail alike, emotions pull much harder than logic, and fear rules. A fear of loss of social status is the major motivator.

A “free” tip or something of value pulls more response than anything. And an easy-to-remember domain name will be your best ally in helping potential new or existing customers find your useful and informative site.

Daniel Wadleigh is Marketing Director of Profit Experts of Austin, TX. Excerpts are from “Profit Controlled Marketing” located online at Mr. Wadleigh can be reached at (888) 379-0659.

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