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Letters to the Editor


Paul (and staff):

Thanks for the great job you do with The Green Sheet. We really appreciate getting it.

We recently contacted the ETA about the show in Chicago and, to our dismay, learned it’s $750 for the first attendee! Then $700 for the second! That’s a lot of money just to walk in the door, and not including hotel costs. And being a member of ETA costs big money and only yields a marginal discount on the meeting fee.

Do you know of any breaks for first-timers? Is this thing really worth it? That $2000 could sure be used elsewhere to grow our firm.

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Robert Mohon



The Green Sheet, Inc., offers the Wyatt Baxter Memorial Scholarship as a way to help new ISOs attend the ETA Meetings. This one-time scholarship will cover registration costs to an ETA meeting for you and one additional sales rep.

Please send a fax to The Green Sheet at (707) 586-1738 with your name, business name, address, phone number, and fax number. Give us the names of who will be attending the ETA meeting. We will send you a check to reimburse your registration cost.

If you have any questions please call The Green Sheet at (800) 757-4441.

Good Selling!

Julie O’Ryan-Dempsey

Managing Editor


To The Green Sheet:

Who are the Top  15 credit cards processors?


Dear Reader:

Our November 1999 GSQ “Turning Another Page on Merchant Acquiring Services” will have all of the information you need. To receive a complimentary copy of this report, please fax your request to The Green Sheet at (707) 586-1738. Please be sure to include your name and mailing address.

Good Selling,

Julie O’Ryan-Dempsey

Managing Editor



Green Sheet:

Please help advise me on a situation:

One of our merchants has an Internet site. They want to offer an additional site to people in England and have them pay in British pounds. We do not have an international payment option for our merchants and do not necessarily want to send them to an American bank that can process overseas (we do not want to lose the account), but we want to offer an alternative to this merchant. Do you know of a British bank or processing alternative for this Web site? I appreciate your time in responding to this question.

Darrell J. Peppers

The Bart Group



I am sorry that I do not, but we will ask our readers.

Good Selling!

Paul H. Green



I am looking for information on MICR and check printing requirements internationally. Can you refer me to a resource that will list what MICR type is required by which countries around the world? Do you know where I can learn about other check specs internationally?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks, in advance, for the time and assistance.

Michele Fee Smith

Prelude Software Inc.


Dear Michele:

The American Bankers Association selected the E-13B MICR font and the MICR system as the technology for high-speed check processing in the 1950s. Today the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) determines check standards. The standards and guidelines are available from the American Bankers Association by writing or calling:

American Bankers Association

Standards Department

1120 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20036

(800) 338-0626

(202) 663-5087

The key standards that address check documents include

ANSI X9.7: Specifications for Bank Check Background and Convenience Amount Field.

ANSI X9.13: Specifications for Placement and Location of MICR Printing.

ANSI X9.18: Paper Specifications for Checks.

ANSI: X9.27: Print and Test Specifications for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR).

You may be able to purchase the information from NSSN: A National Resource for Global Standards (

Good Selling!

Suzanne Luse, Asst. Editor


To The Green Sheet:

I would like to become a registered ISO, and have the ability to offer other businesses credit card merchant services. Where do I begin? What do I need to do?

Thank you.


Dear Reader:

Please visit our FAQs at We have answered most of the pertinent questions on getting started as an ISO on this page.

Good Selling,

Julie O’Ryan-Dempsey, Managing Editor


To The Green Sheet:

This site is incredible! It will become an invaluable tool in my transaction process. Thank you.


Dear Green Sheet:

I am looking for statistics on the industry average for collection agencies. I am a new supervisor for our collection agency area and would like to find where our various vendors stand on their collection percentage to help me understand how to properly evaluate their job performance. Any assistance you can provide me will be greatly appreciated.


Food Lion, Inc.


Dear Helena,

Thank you for your e-mail and request for information about collection rates. The number I am getting for collection of checks at grocery stores hovers around 45% to 50%.

Have you tried the American Collectors Association ( and Collections and Credit Risk magazine ( They might be able to provide you with more specific data.


Suzanne Luse

Asst. Editor

Dear Green Sheet:

1st Merchant Services is a new MSP that is just getting started. Currently we are looking for a phone card company that we can use to expand our product base. Would you know of any phone card companies? Your assistance is appreciated.

George Beckerich

1st Merchant Services LLC


Dear George:

We have published a number of articles on phone card services. Articles that may be of help to you are in issues 97:08:02 and 98:06:02. Those articles are about Blackstone Calling Card,, (888) 639-9590 and Zenex Communications,, (800) 890-2990.

I would also suggest placing a post on our free classified ads as well as our ISO forum. You can access both of those areas of our Web site from the left column of the home page at

Please keep in mind that The Green Sheet, Inc., does not endorse any particular product or service.


Suzanne Luse

Asst. Editor



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