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A Thing ISO Opportunity: eBancCorp

ISO Opportunity: eBancCorp

     Sales professionals looking for yet another income stream to add to their arsenal of products and services need look no further than a Minnesota based company called eBancCorp. The two-year-old financial services startup that specializes in electronic check processing touts itself as being a “combination of what everyone else does, but all in one place.”

     As an example, ISOs will find everything from basic check verification services, to check representment, to an ePayday ® loan program, where funds can be electronically transferred into a borrower’s checking account. There are many products and services offered through eBancCorp, and a varying scale of commissions and income opportunities. The services include:

  • POS Conversion Programs

  • POS for Small Merchants

  • POS for Mass Retailers

  • EFT & POS for Automobile dealers

  • Check Verification (Positive and Negative Database)

  • eCheck

  • ePayday Loan Program

  • Recurring EFT Program

  • Electronic Lockbox Service

  • RCK Program

     “When we started, there were no salespeople—only two ex-Unisys employees, programmers, and technical people,” said eBancCorp President and CEO Dave Arvidson. “NACHA had been looking for a pilot program that is now known as the RCK program.”

     Arvidson said that the company initially struggled to find the right kind of sales professionals to market their product. “We started talking with friends and would hire friends of friends of friends of friends.” And this was the way it was until, quite by accident, Arvidson says he discovered salespeople who had been already working in the credit card processing industry. “The training time went way down,” Arvidson said.

     One such sales professional was found in Patrick McGlin, who today is a Regional Director for eBancCorp. In addition to his selling duties, McGlin is responsible for building the eBancCorp sales team. “We’re looking for ISOs or agents or anyone who has experience selling in the credit card industry, because what we do is so similar,” said McGlin. “We want them to make eBancCorp a part of what they are already doing.” McGlin said that a savvy sales professional could easily tailor all or just part of the eBancCorp offerings to their individual clients.

     Additionally, initial training is provided, and ongoing training via a “Fire Talk” conversation program is conducted over the Internet each Saturday morning.

     For more information about opportunities with eBancCorp, please call Patrick McGlin at (888) 282-0548 or visit their Web site at


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