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A Thing Online Research

Online Research

     If you are researching a prospect or looking for information about a businesses, free resources are available.

     A great place to start looking is Company Sleuth scours the Internet to find stock quotes, news, insider trades, domains, trademarks, and patent registrations, and also has message boards. The site also sends personalized daily updates via e-mail or to a Palm Pilot. And best of all, you can track up to ten companies for free. Of course, if you want to dig deeper, there are a lot of fee-based services at this site as well.

     Another great solution is This site is helpful if you need to research a company (public or private, foreign or domestic) and everything is available free of charge. A sample of features offered includes:

* 15,000 research reports

* 20,000 hot linked profiles

* 350,000 other profiles

* 1,000 categorized links

* company extensions guide

If it is not general business information that you are looking for, but rather “credit” information, is a terrific resource, and it is also free.

Imagine that you are going to submit a lease you are not sure will get approved. This site will let you pull a credit report free of charge. is a business credit portal, offering free business credit reports, online updates, and free business credit applications. You can find information on virtually any large or small business in the nation. reports that 55% of its database is comprised of businesses with less than four employees, which should be helpful to ISOs.

The Web site notes that its greatest strength lies in 27 years of tracking businesses. Every business is verified at least once per year. This site not only provides instant online business credit reports, but also provides a cost effective solution for low dollar credit decisions.

Some of these uses may appeal to you:

  • Verifying business existence and stability factors

  • Confirming information on new accounts

  • Learning about current and prospective customers

  • Pre-qualifying prospective customers

  • Generating sales leads

  • Finding fax, telephone, and address data

Finally, if you want a really great online research tool, you need the tool that I used while researching and writing this story. The product is called eGems, and it makes gathering and organizing Web information, or for that matter any PC-based information, very simple.

eGems lets you gather and drop data where you want it, from wherever you find it, while keeping track of reference sources. The product, which can be downloaded for less than $50.00 from, helps easily organize, store, and access pieces of data the way you want to see them.

Have fun surfing, and please let us know if you have found some other Web tools that will help the ISO community.


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