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A Thing FYI for ISOs


FYI for ISOs


A   common objection is “I tried it before and it didn’t work—I’m not going to get burned twice.”

     If this is true, it can be a challenging objection. But, if it’s not true, and the merchant has confused your company with someone else, it can be even more difficult.

     First, resist the urge to tell the merchant he is wrong. Besides alienating the prospect, it’s not likely to change his or her mind. If the prospect has your company confused with another (in this business it happens frequently) it is your job to help him/her understand the mistake. Simply telling the prospect that they are wrong is not going to cut it. Plus, even if he or she knows your company is a different one, they may have a tainted opinion about all payment solution providers—not just the one that let them down.

     First, ask when he/she tried the service, who they spoke with, and what was the cause of dissatisfaction. Maybe it was a year ago and technological advances have improved in the area of the complaint. If the prospect says, “The check service was supposed to cover post dated checks and it didn’t” use this opportunity to show them how your service does cover post dated checks. If they say they were under the impression that the terminal would have an integrated printer and it does not, show them your integrated printers and “wow” them with the new wireless and virtual terminals.

     As you demonstrate the differences between your service today and “the other one” previously encountered, the prospect can come to the conclusion on their own. This will save the prospects pride and perhaps save your sale.

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