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A Thing Web Woes


Web Woes


     So you’ve got your Web site up and running? Maybe you included pictures of your brochure and a few other images you had lying around your office. You cut and pasted all your press releases, copied your business card, logo, letterhead., in short, everything that you had in print went digital, right? Wait! Stop! Take a step away from your computer and look closely at your site. Does it get your attention? Is there something there that would grab your eye if you were a merchant passing through?

     New business won’t stay long enough to get your phone number if your site isn’t intriguing. It doesn’t have to be flashy or have bright lights popping and blinking. “Simple, yet eye-catching” is the catch phrase for new businesses putting up Web sites.

     Now that your Web site is up, are you relaxing and waiting for those phone calls to pour in? Did you let people know how to get your number? You have to think of your Web address as a phone number. First you have to be listed in the yellow pages. Well, what exactly are the yellow pages online, you ask? The online directories vary, from search engines to online yellow pages. You have to register your site with the main search engines and make sure that you have keywords in your Web pages that the search engines will catch as they are browsing through the millions of sites. These keywords are actually coded into your Web pages as meta tags. If you need an explanation and help on creating meta tags try this site: Web Monkey has everything from design helps, to html coding, to e-business help.

     The next stumbling block is that not all search engines search the pages the same way. To get a detailed list of each search engine and how they search try looking at this Web page:

     Once you are finished going through all that information, it will be about a week until your Web address gets into the search engine’s database. From there it is trial and error. Try typing in some key words for your site, when your site pops up, you’ve won!


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