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Letters to the Editor


Dear Green Sheet:

We subscribe to The Green Sheet and we very much enjoy the publication. We want to know where we can find a resource that lists the top 100 or 150 ISOs/MSPs in the U.S. Does The Green Sheet, Inc., have this information or could you direct us to a source that would have it? We would appreciate your response.

Thank you.


Todd Richardson Inc.



The information you are seeking was published in the February 2000 GSQ “Feet on the Street.” This was an in-depth report on the ISO industry and listed the top ISOs by revenue. This report details the different ISO programs and contains the contact information for each of the organizations.

If you have not received your copy please call (800)757-4441 to request one.

Good Selling!

Julie O’Ryan-Dempsey

Managing Editor


Dear Green Sheet:

I am interested in placing advertisements in the Green Sheet Online Classified section of I am interested in learning the cost of this sort of activity. I have read the terms of participation and am ready to move forward with posting an ad for the sale of my products to ISOs.

Thank you



Dear Sir/Madam:

The classifieds ads on The Green Sheet Online are free! These are maintained for 90 days at no charge to the advertiser. Ads are limited to the Financial Services Industry.

Good Selling,

Julie O’Ryan-Dempsey

Managing Editor


Dear Mr. Green:

In the article “The Deal on Internet Checking Accounts” by Alex Horvath, included in a recent publication of your newsletter, The Green Sheet, the process to open a checking account preventing “not-so-nice citizens from opening bogus accounts” is being questioned. In the article Banco Popular was mentioned as one of the banks where the writer could not get an answer on fraud prevention and he mentioned that we were very nice enough to say: “It would be very easy to open the account and could even do it over the telephone.”

Yes, we are very nice to our customers and we try to make it easy for them to open an account through the Internet or over the telephone. This does not imply that being easy means not having the adequate procedures to assure the customer’s identity. To simplify the process for the customer and to assure that we comply with Know your Customer Policy, we go through a rigorous identification process that includes verification with ChexSystems, Equifax, call backs to the customer and the customer’s employer, among others. At the moment we are opening accounts for Puerto Rico residents only and presently over 50% of these have at least a relationship with us, therefore, we know our customers and those we do not know we make sure we get to know very well before we open a new account.

Note: Please include this letter in your Letters to the Editor section or include a clarification note regarding our security procedures for customer identification.


Lizzie Rosso

Alternative Delivery Channels

Banco Popular de Puerto Rico



Thanks for the clarification, and we will be happy to share your comments with our readers.

Good Selling!

Paul H. Green


Dear Paul H. Green:

Greg Beasley of National Payment Systems suggested I contact you concerning some information I am looking for.

I am an analyst for the Federal Reserve Bank of Miami and as such am researching the effects of debit card (POS, POD, check conversion, etc.) transactions on our check processing volume. Do you have any statistics that would provide historical (3 to 5 years) information, preferably by geographical location, on the number of debit card transactions per month? I’d particularly be interested in seeing how much this volume has increased over the past 2 to 3 years. If you do not have such information available, do you know where I could find it?

I would appreciate any assistance you could give me.

Debbie Walker


I am sorry to say that I do not have anything that will help you build this information. I reviewed the material that I do have, and it is not on point for your research.

Good Selling!

Paul H. Green


Good Selling!

The Green Sheet

The End


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