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California-based E-Commerce Exchange (ECX) now offers merchants a complete e-commerce package. In addition to offering credit card and check payment processing, ECX now provides small business owners with a total online storefront through is an online community of small businesses. An technician will design a fully operational Web page for the merchant at no additional cost. Merchants can also create their own coupons for customers. A typical customer account includes a Web site, hosting, product and service descriptions, shopping cart, special promotions, and site updates. Pricing depends on the number of products a merchant has, but a store with up to 50 items costs $89.00 per month.

According to Michael Mattos, Director of Business Development, “The most compelling aspect of is the ability to help merchants who not only need credit card processing, but also require an Internet storefront. Before, ECX would refer merchants to another company for the Web site creation and run the risk of losing the sale.”

“Twenty percent of ECX leads are merchants who do not yet have a Web site, and choose to create one through In addition, eighty percent are merchants who have an existing site, and choose to participate into ECX’s stores community. The financial benefits of offering a complete e-commerce package are obvious,” Mattos said.

Small Beginnings to Millions

ECX understands the difficulties small businesses face. In 1989, Darrin and Heather Ginsberg started the company out of their garage. Today, ECX has blossomed into a nationwide credit card processing company with more than 200 employees and 17 independently-owned offices nationwide.

ECX offers their services primarily to Internet-based merchants, home-based businesses, entrepreneurs with limited credit, and businesses traditionally considered non-conventional and high risk by banks. Merchant account application approval is nearly 95 percent; most accounts are established within 5 to 7 business days.

QuickCommerce™ is ECX’s flagship, real-time payment processing solution. QuickCommerce allows merchants to process transactions through its Virtual Terminal. A merchant accesses Virtual Terminal online, enters the credit card information, and the transaction is authorized and processed within seconds. Alternatively, merchants may link their Web sites to Virtual Terminal so that consumers can buy products day or night.

A $30M Investment

Last October, Summit Partners, a private equity and venture capital investment firm, made a $30 million equity investment in ECX. Summit Partners is one of the largest venture capital and private equity capital partnerships in the United States with over $3.3 billion under management.

In April, ECX formed a strategic alliance with Leasecomm Corporation, to offer LeasecommDirect, an Internet-based lease and finance application processing product to ECX customers. Web stores can lease ECX’s QuickCommerce™ software online. No human intervention is required during the application process, and a credit decision is returned within minutes.

For more information about E-Commerce Exchange or, contact Michael L. Mattos, Director of Business Development at (800) 748-6318 ext 2363. Visit ECX online at or www.ecxstores. com.

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