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A Thing Six


Yet Another Reason for Check Guarantee

Y our merchants could choose to use a check guarantee service or they could root through the trash.

      An Alabama couple used a computer to print up some counterfeit checks, $10 bills, and money orders, and then went on a shopping spree. After duping a few merchants, one store would not take their check. They panicked and threw the checks and IDs in a dumpster. Soon after, the employee who declined their check was emptying the trash, saw the checks, called the police, and the couple was apprehended.

     If that employee hadn’t emptied the trash at that time, they may have gotten away with passing the phony checks, at the merchants’ expense. But, if the merchants had check guarantee, they either wouldn’t have accepted the check in the first place, or would have accepted it risk-free.

     Which would your merchants rather rely on: chance or a check guarantee company?

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