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  Youíve heard the phrase ďtoo much month left at the end of the money.Ē Thatís a problem we all seem to have, no matter how much money we make. But, it does not have to be that way.

     There is now an incredibly powerful personal financial management system, The Financial Partner. The Financial Partner, created and sold by an innovative company called Noverus, will help you solve problems for yourself and your customers.

     Itís easy to understand, does not require a CPA to explain it, and gives the user all the tips and tools needed to plan their way to financial success.

     The system helps organize and control financial paperwork and tasks, and then coaches the user through decisions regarding taxes, investments, insurance, major purchases, and retirement.

     What amazes me is how simple they have made the process of financial planning. Their materials are presented well, have a crisp, logical organization, and are very comprehensive. The clever Guidebook/Organizer system is first-rate and everything comes in a handsome, expensive-looking carry case.

     Is this product appropriate for ISOs to use personally? Iím absolutely convinced it is. But the bigger picture is how easily the Financial Partner system can be sold by ISOs to business owners and their employees as a side-by-side companion to any other product or service. Itís a natural extension. The system allows ISOs to target and start a soft sales dialog on a personal note with a product that pays immediate dividends. It also says something nice about your knowledge of financial services.

     The Noverus ISO sales program is simple to implement and manage. There are no up-front costs and no inventory. A simple brochure explains the product and its many benefits to your customers. The entire system (pictured to the left), sells for $99.95. With your first sale, they give you a complete system for your personal useófree.

     Noverus has even engineered in a referral-marketing program so that your clients have an incentive to pass on valuable discount coupons packed into every kit. There is also a hefty commission paid to the originating ISO every time a downline sale is made.

     After selling the Noverus Financial Partner, the enviable problem you may have is too much money left at the end of the month.

     You can contact Noverus for all the details at (707) 586-8620 or visit their Web site at

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