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CrossCheck Adds Check Conversion



CrossCheck, Inc., has added an electronic check conversion program to its list of merchant offerings. The new program, called Guaranteed Electronic Check Conversion, is the result of an alliance with BankServ, a nationwide provider of electronic check processing.

“We wanted to be able to offer our merchants every check acceptance option they might want. This new program from BankServ fits the bill for a solid, technology-backed conversion program,” stated J. David Siembieda, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CrossCheck. “With this guaranteed electronic check conversion offering and the Internet Check programs we’ve had in place since 1997, we feel ready and able to take checks into the 21st century.”

As many Green Sheet readers know, check conversion at the point-of-sale electronically converts a paper check into an electronic item which is then processed for payment through an automated clearing house (ACH). After a consumer authorizes the merchant to convert their check, it is scanned through a device that reads the magnetic ink imprint and the check’s authenticity is verified by use of several databases. The check data is then electronically transmitted to BankServ’s data center where it is converted into an electronic funds transfer (EFT). This process benefits retailers by allowing them to consolidate their cash functions, lowers handling costs and bank fees, reduces fraud, and speeds up the delivery of check processing. CrossCheck has added check guarantee features that cover check items returned for a variety of reasons, including non-sufficient funds.

BankServ, a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, is the nation’s largest independent processor of electronic check conversion transactions at the point-of-sale. BankServ was one of the first companies to offer merchants a fully integrated system for converting checks into EFTs. More information about BankServ can be found online at

CrossCheck, Inc., of Rohnert Park, California, was founded in 1983 and provides payment guarantee solutions to over 29,000 merchants across the country and handled more than $6.5 billion in guaranteed transactions in 1999. With more than 16 years experience, their goal has been to provide their merchant customers with increased profitability while reducing their financial risk. For more information, visit their web site at


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