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A Thing You know what happens when you assume


You Know What Happens When You Assume


     As a consumer, have you ever felt that the pitch you were being presented was the same pitch that salesperson gives every other prospect? It doesnít feel very good, does it? We want to know that our investment is the perfect fit for our needs, not the pat answer that every other prospect gets.

     How can you reassure your prospects that what they are purchasing is the right service or product for them? Find out what they want, what they need it to do, who they have to answer to, and give them a product or service that fills those voids.

     For example, if you are selling or leasing a terminal, of course the prospect wants it to be able to process transactions quickly, thatís a given. . . or is it?

     You may know what prospects in general want: small footprint, fast transactions, quiet printer, easy paper loading, easy close outs, etc., but, you need to find out what this particular prospect wants.

     You canít assume that this prospect will have the same priorities as your other customers. You canít even assume that since this merchant is a high-end clothing store it will be like your other high end clothing store merchants and put fast transactions and a quiet printer at the top of their list. Maybe this merchant doesnít really care how quiet the printer is but is more concerned with the frequency of paper roll or ink cartridge changes. Or, maybe this merchant wants keys and a display that are easy to read and puts that concern above a small footprint.

     Once you avoid the landmine of assuming that every merchant is alike, you still need to use care and avoid assuming that this merchant will agree with you about the ďkiller appĒ of your product.  For example, you personally may feel that the best feature of your product is the flexibility. Thatís great, but in your prospectís mind, that may not be the neatest trick your  terminal can do. Itís what in your prospectís mind and how he makes up that mind, thatís important

     Remember, you just have no way of knowing whatís important until you ask them whatís important and show them what your product or service can do.


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