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Abcron Corp. unveiled a new pillow that takes the pressure off travelers' necks and comes with an input for an MP3 player. ... On Sept. 28, 2008, the first privately developed liquid fuel rocket was launched from the Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific Ocean and sent into Earth's orbit. ... Brain training video games improve math scores, according to a study conducted by Learning and Teaching Scotland. ... A cell phone application, EpiSurveyor, helps control polio outbreaks in Kenya. ... The world's fastest bar code reader just developed by UCLA engineers is almost 1,000 times faster than those used today; the secret is no moving parts. ... Paleontologists have found the fossil of a carnivorous dinosaur that breathed like a bird. ... FusionMan (Yves Rossy) became the first person to fly over the English Channel in his home-made jetwing. ... The Japan Space Elevator Association is working on moving the space elevator from science fiction to reality. It estimates the cost will be 1 trillion yen (10 billion dollars). ... It's snowing on Mars. Bright spots in the Lidar instrument's light beam indicate ice crystals. ... Using nanotechnology, University of California scientists designed a tricorder called a Universal Detector. ... Researchers at Purdue University want to make cell phones double as nuclear weapon detectors. ... The 18,000-kilometer "Trans-Pacific Express" undersea fiber optic cable was completed, increasing Internet capacity between the United States and China. ... A major nuclear co-operation pact was signed between India and France, which will bring much-needed energy resources to India. ... In addition to threatening habitat, global warming may also harm the sensitive ears of polar bears due to the noise of breaking ice. ... A man dove into the Florida Keys surf to save his rat terrier from a shark attack. ... In Ravensburg, Germany, it took 15,000 puzzle lovers five hours to assemble what Ravensburger AG claims is the world's largest puzzle; it is almost 6,500 square feet and contains 1,141,800 pieces. ... German researchers found that dreamers exposed to rose scent had good dreams, while those assaulted with the smell of rotten eggs had bad ones. ... Software that detects earthquakes can be downloaded from the Southern California Earthquake Center of the University of Southern California. ... Chrysler LLC plans to unveil a line of electric cars in 2010 for the North American market. ... A new Bluetooth product, Talking Points, provides an audio guide to help blind pedestrians appreciate points of interest in their enviroments.

ISO-Q test

Which of the following statements is correct?

1. A recent check study found that Canadian consumers, on average, write 10.3 checks per month.

2. Fraudsters with fake Web sites are preying upon donators' good intentions in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

3. The government bailout plan for Wall Street will be funded by ISO residuals.

Point here for the answer.


Here's what they are saying on GS Online's MLS Forum:

"I could not imagine life in this industry for me without The Green Sheet. ... Sometimes I actually feel guilty about how much free stuff I've used here. Well ... not that guilty. ... Thanks for what you do for us."

- Dee Malik,

"I remember getting The Green Sheet in the mail! Those were the days of good honest information. It was good to have some information before your sales rep had the same information. It has grown along with the industry, and it's good to see the name last."

- Rsmzip

"There was a GS archived article on wireless processing I read and then went to the site. Everything changed after I spent about 80 hours reading archived articles and the forums. After that I knew what to look for in a processor relationship and got a new processor. I would say over 90 percent of my industry knowledge has and continues to come from The Green Sheet. God bless it!"

- Mty Msi

Loopy laws

In Cripple Creek, Colo., it's against the law to allow your horse or pack mule above the ground floor of any building.

Biz bytes

Bullet contract is a guaranteed investment contract purchased with a lone (one-shot) premium.

Bullet strategy is an income strategy in which a portfolio is created with maturities of its securities highly concentrated at one point on the yield curve.

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