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January 09, 2023 • Issue 23:01:01

Readers Speak: Goals geared for the payments crowd

As I think about the year ahead, I wonder if you have published articles about goal setting specifically for people working in the payments industry. I've left college because I want to get more work experience before I settle on a major. I've done academic goal setting but none for anything job related.

Abby Budrough, Customer Service Representative


It's great that you have experience with goal setting. You've already learned things about the process that will translate directly to your professional career. In "Work SMARTER, not harder," published in this issue of The Green Sheet, Natasa Cvijanovic, co-founder and CEO of Tesla Payments, shared an acronym that encapsulates the qualities effective goals should have. You might already be familiar with it: SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic or Relevant, and Timely). Civjanovic expanded the acronym to SMARTER (adding Evaluation and Revision) for even greater success.

Our website provides a search function that will look for specific words or phrases. It will find articles from our archives that contain the exact word or words you request. The Search button is located at the right side of the top menu bar on our homepage on desktop computers and in the standard menu list on mobile devices.

Here's a link to results from entering "goals" in one field and "new year" in another. Results date back to 2007: www.greensheet.com/search.php?node=processSearch. Some articles provide guidance that includes action steps to follow. Other articles are inspirational and help get you in the right mindset to find clarity and follow through on your goals. If you read a selection of these, you will gain a sense of how experts approach goal setting in the payments industry. Thank you for your question. Pinning down your goals and the steps you need to take to fulfill them will go a long way toward attaining them this year.

What do you want to achieve this year?

What are your biggest business goals in 2023? How do you plan to achieve them? Fill us in at greensheet@greensheet.com. end of article

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