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November 27, 2022 • Issue 22:11:02

New Products

Secure mobile payments without swapping POS or processor

Product: Honeywell Smart Pay
Company: Honeywell

Honeywell, a global provider of industrial handheld devices and POS scanners, added Honeywell Smart Pay to its line of mobility solutions. Designed in collaboration with Amadis to improve the customer experience by providing seamless, secure, flexible transactions, the software allows any employee with a Honeywell mobile computer to accept payment from a consumer using a major chip-enabled credit card or mobile wallet either out in the field or in store. Honeywell Smart Pay is compatible with most merchants' existing banking, POS and acquirer/processor partners, according to Taylor Smith, chief technology officer of Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services.

"Effortless checkout and the delivery of specialized customer service can help create loyal customers and make lasting impressions," Smith said. "We designed Honeywell Smart Pay with the goal of helping merchants make consumer purchasing faster, easier and secure—making the customer experience better."

Smith noted Honeywell has deployed more than 2.5 million mobility devices to brick-and-mortar retailers, parcel companies, distribution centers and enterprises, helping organizations get goods out the door faster with fewer errors without switching existing POS and payment processing systems. The contactless-enabled software payment solution transforms mobile computers into secure, compliant payment terminals, he added.

Enriching the commerce value chain

Honeywell Smart Pay is a natural extension of any business, Smith noted, because it allows merchants and retailers to add contactless payment to mobile computers they have already deployed while reducing the number of devices they have to support. With growing adoption of contactless payments worldwide, contactless payments, powered by near field communication, are replacing card swipe and card insertion methods in numerous regions and countries, Smith pointed out.

Smith also noted that Honeywell Smart Pay packs a range of capabilities inside a small footprint, enabling users to complete a wide range of tasks with a single mobile device. Following are additional features and benefits Smith attested to:

  • Cost-effective POS: Honeywell Smart Pay reduces the lifetime cost of hardware and POS accessories, which in many cases include a recurring lifetime cost for hardware, costing hundreds of dollars and nearly doubling the total upfront cost for mobile payment. Over a five-year period, Honeywell Smart Pay can reduce costs by approximately 60 percent.
  • Small device footprint: Honeywell Smart Pay eliminates the bulk, weight and added costs of awkward accessories, simplifying and streamlining the payment process for both the consumer and the employee while keeping customer data secure.
  • Flexible payment options: Honeywell Smart Pay supports more than 85 percent of global transaction volume, with additional regional card brands to come in 2023. In addition, the solution supports contact and contactless payment methods used in mobile wallets and pay-by-phone applications.
  • Enhanced security: Honeywell Smart Pay leverages Amadis secure software and anti-tampering technology to provide secure payment acceptance with enhanced, hardware-grade security for virtual, online environments.

Emmanuel Haydont, CEO and co-founder of Amadis, stated that Amadis technology emulates physical hardware security in a virtual world. "This technology emulates in software the physical secure platform and tamper detection employed on traditional payment terminals to maintain the high level of security compliance demanded by payment networks to assure safe retail payments," he said.

Sales channel partners welcome

Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions provides products, software and connected solutions designed to improve productivity, workplace safety and asset performance. The company's line of industry-specific solutions includes aerospace products and services, control technologies for buildings and industry, and performance materials globally. These technologies are helping the world stay connected, secure and sustainable, the company stated. 

As part of the company's expansive global ecosystem, Honeywell Smart Pay is designed to meet ever-changing requirements of Honeywell's partner network, company representatives stated, noting all Honeywell solutions reflect the company's long-term commitment to enrich and empower the ISO, agent and sales channel community. end of article

Website: https://sps.honeywell.com Contact: https://sps.honeywell.com/us/en

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