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August 08, 2022 • Issue 22:08:01

New Products

Convert apps into shopping channels with one-click checkout

Product: ACI Smart Engage
Company: ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide, a real-time, global payments software provider, launched ACI Smart Engage, a mobile engagement platform designed to enhance the mobile shopping experience. The platform uses media and audio tags within TV, print and radio ads; posters; magazines; catalogs; and window displays to enable consumers to instantly purchase items 24/7 with one click while on-the-go, stated Debbie Guerra, chief product officer at ACI Worldwide.

"With ACI Smart Engage, merchants can reach consumers through their smartphones no matter where they are and turn every interaction into an opportunity to sell," Guerra said. "ACI Smart Engage combines the in-store and online experience for consumers by reaching them on their smartphones through various media, including supermarket labels, restaurant menus or window displays, and driving true mCommerce sales through embedded one-click payments."

Guerra described ACI Smart Engage as a targeted marketing system that blends precise notification delivery with an immediate call to action. In addition, the solution leverages real-time inventory data, geolocation, voice and image recognition technology to enhance the customer experience, she added.

Enhance merchant apps

ACI Smart Engage turns a merchant's mobile application into a major sales channel, ACI representatives stated, adding that each engagement enables a shopper to view, order and pay within a merchant's mobile app. This can be achieved by creating a mobile app using ACI Smart Engage or adding Smart Engage functionality to an existing app by using an SDK.

Merchants can use the ACI Smart Engage platform to create interactive, shoppable advertising for print, video or audio, or to create location-specific push notifications that wake up customer phones using geofencing outside or beacons inside a store. Multimedia, scannable ads are compelling ways to invite consumers to interact and buy while boosting conversion rates by turning visual and audio ads into instant purchase triggers, the company stated. Positioning the platform as a key component of ACI's merchant Omni-Commerce solution, the company said ACI Smart Engage delivers on its mantra to "sell more, lose less and maximize margins." The company additionally noted that single-click payment purchases run though its merchant Omni-Commerce solution, so payments flow into existing processes and reports.

Convert window shoppers

Smart Engage features can turn window shoppers into window buyers, ACI stated, by reaching consumers at opportune times and facilitating one-click checkouts within merchant apps. When potential customers enter a geofenced area, have been in the area for a set amount of time or exit an area, merchants can send push notifications and unique, targeted offers.

ACI further noted that Smart Engage shortens the path to purchase, giving buyers a sense of accomplishment. Merchants can use QR codes on signage to invite users into their stores to learn about products or purchase items directly within a mobile app. In a food service setting, this could allow customers to skip the line and order right off their phone, ACI added.

Real-time engagement

Smart Engage also enables consumers to scan items with their cameras and purchase them immediately. Similarly, consumers can also have the app "listen" to TV, radio or in-store announcements using voice recognition technology. QR codes, also supported on the platform, are an easy way for consumers to locate in-stock items or product information, ACI pointed out.

Few mobile marketing platforms offer an equivalent depth of real-time capabilities, and with geofencing and push notifications tightly integrated into mCommerce, one-click purchasing feeds payments reporting, analytics, ecommerce and omnicommerce systems, Guerra noted.

"Consumers are reaching for their smartphones to make informed buying decisions more than ever before," Guerra said. "With Smart Engage, we enable merchants to reach those consumers at the right time, when they are most likely to make a purchase and help them complete the purchase with a single click." end of article

Website: www.aciworldwide.com Contact: merchant.payments@aciworldwide.com

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