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August 24, 2020 • Issue 20:08:02

New Products

Keep data current and remain PCI compliant

Product: Account Updater
Company: CardSync

CardSync, a cloud-based solutions provider, automated its card account updater, enabling merchants and third-party service providers keep card-on-file data current and PCI compliant. The PCI DSS Level 1 and 2 certified solution seamlessly integrates recurring and card-on-file payment data while providing simple yet comprehensive API documentation, according to William Kinney, founder and CEO at CardSync.

"CardSync is a universal account updater platform that will efficiently pass critical updates from Card Issuers worldwide to any PCI DSS Level 1or 2 environment that stores credit card data for recurring and credentialed processing," Kinney said. "CardSync works seamlessly regardless of merchants' ISO, MSP or acquiring bank."

Kinney pointed out that CardSync is a truly universal solution that can appeal to small, midsize and enterprise-scale organizations and doesn't require users to move stored card data or pass through authorization codes. A large enterprise merchant or third-party provider could use the solution to store tens of thousands of card data records, he added. CardSync incorporated the card brands' AU onboarding requirements into its API, enabling partners to enhance their omnichannel objectives by leveraging the cloud-based platform.

Boost revenue, reduce declines

Kinney noted that approximately 33 percent of consumers change their preferred payment methods every year, without always updating all of their payment information on file. This can make it difficult for merchants to maintain up-to-date customer credit card credentials.

CardSync can prevent service interruptions by embedding its automated universal card account updater program within merchants' ecosystems, Kinney explained. Following are additional benefits the company detailed:

  • Retain sales revenue: Avoid lost revenue caused by service interruptions and keep customers and businesses financially efficient.
  • Keep customers happy: Improve the customer experience and reduce expenses caused by service interruptions.
  • Reduce PCI scope exposure: Eliminate handling of sensitive payment data and reduce PCI scope exposure within the cardholder data environment.
  • Optimize integration: Facilitate smooth integrations within CardSync's API and sandbox environment, which places all necessary automation within easy reach.
  • Stay current, updated: Receive daily reports detailing which cards were charged and why.
  • Cut administrative expenses:Eliminate the need to follow up with customers on updated payment card accounts.

In addition, CardSync's efficient, scalable Account Updater strengthens merchant relationships and boosts their confidence by helping them reduce declined transactions. And it works equally well for single location merchants and large chains.

James Hubert, director of business development at CardSync, noted that the costs of manual updates far outweigh CardSync's transaction fees, which are limited to card updates and not inquiries. "With our reporting API, merchants can see what credit card information has changed, the reason for the change, and any account closures," he said. "CardSync is a one of a kind solution that gives merchants actionable information to save the sale." end of article

Website: www.cardsync.io Contact: james@cardsync.io

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