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January 13, 2020 • Issue 20:01:01

New Products

Detect and protect with AI-enhanced security

Product: ThetaRay 4.0
Company: ThetaRay

Data analytics and security provider ThetaRay launched ThetaRay 4.0, the latest version of its IntuitiveAI technology suite. The platform's enhancements include hybrid learning, pattern clustering, new DevOps tools and enriched cloud capabilities, to help organizations improve machine learning and detect emerging patterns and "unknown unknowns," the company stated.

"We are pleased to introduce these robust capabilities," said ThetaRay CEO Mark Gazit. "Our award-winning IntuitiveAI is more powerful than ever and able to detect even the most sophisticated and dangerous unknown threats. ThetaRay 4.0 reconfirms our commitment to provide next-generation financial crime prevention solutions that exceed the requirements of our customers and partners."

Gazit pointed out that ThetaRay technology uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to assess enterprise-level data and can be installed anywhere in an organization's environment. Dynamic, real-time threat detection is more effective than rules-based logic because patterns and rules are no longer applicable in the digital world, he noted.

Patented algorithms

Gazit further noted that ThetaRay's proprietary technology, developed in 2013 by Prof. Amir Averbuch of Tel Aviv University and Prof. Ronald Coifman of Yale University, uses patented machine learning algorithms in its Hyper-Dimensional, Multi-Domain, and Big Data Analytics platform. By combining human expertise with machine learning, the platform can seamlessly transition between supervised and unsupervised forms of detection to identify zero-day attacks, hidden advanced persistent threats, operational faults, threats and fraudulent activities, he added.

As fraudsters become more nuanced and sophisticated, companies with a holistic enterprise view and advanced detection capabilities will be better equipped to identify emerging threats and seemingly unrelated events, Gazit noted. Continuous, real-time monitoring and spontaneous alerts will help financial institutions and other large organizations identify and rapidly respond to malfunctions, misconfigurations and power outages that could impact their critical infrastructure.

Robust, dynamic security

Bank branches, ATMs, online services and mobile banking that combine physical and digital channels face unique risks and regulatory pressures in the increasingly digital world, Gazit said. Companies can use ThetaRay's advanced analytics platform and unique algorithms to build custom applications that help them detect anomalies in large data sets from a diversity of sources, he added.

ThetaRay 4.0 supports a range of environments, including self-attended kiosks, power plants, transmission and distribution networks, oil and gas facilities and critical manufacturing sites, Gazit said. The platform can also be integrated in data warehouses and risk, fraud and auditing systems.

ThetaRay 4.0's enhanced anomaly clustering can identify clusters by pattern as well as by density. This pattern-based clustering can help decrease false positive alerts, by providing more detail and transparency and enabling risk managers to accurately assess anomalous events. An expanded API library offers more support for deploying and integrating the platform into existing workflows.

Gazit expects to see new attack vectors emerge as cybercriminals search for vulnerabilities in payments systems, open banking initiatives and the expanding Internet of Things. Dynamically designed systems that leverage advanced technologies and artificial intelligence can help companies manage and mitigate operational risks, he stated. end of article

Website: www.thetaray.com Contact: info@thetaray.com

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