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MLS certification: Boon or bane?


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Prepaid cards make for big stored value - Part II

KKR can't resist First Data 'cash-flow machine'


In the words of John Shepherd-Barron, the ATM's creator

John Shepherd-Barron

MAC: The friendly fraudbusters


TJX turbulence: Time to board the PCI ship

Patti Murphy
The Takoma Group

Paying the payments dues

Ken Musante
Humboldt Merchant Services

Apple is a small potato here

Ben Goretsky
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Street SmartsSM:
Proficient prospecting

Dee Karawadra
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The concern du jour? PCI

Ross Federgreen

The ABCs of portfolio sales

Adam Atlas
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Joel and Rachael Rydbeck
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A blue route to green pastures

Biff Matthews
CardWare International

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ET: Phone home via ATMConnect

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ISOs' secret interchange weapon

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Sales stars are people stars



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The Green Sheet Online Edition

April 23, 2007  •  Issue 07:04:02

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Tip auth troubles patrons

Several of my merchant customers have asked me what to do in a scenario similar to the following:

A customer who used his debit card in a restaurant the night before checks his account balance online the next day. The amount being debited from his account is more than what he authorized when he signed the receipt.

The customer had left a 15% tip, but the total deducted from his account includes a 20% tip. He believes he is being overcharged and calls the restaurant to complain.

What should I tell my merchants?



The article "When restaurants exceed the tipping point" (The Green Sheet, June 26, 2006, issue 06:06:02) addresses this exact topic. You will find it at

A card authorization that includes an estimated tip is against Visa U.S.A.'s rules and regulations.

You can help your merchants by making sure their POS systems and terminals are not programmed to include an estimated tip in the authorization request. That programming increases the authorization amount of the bill and makes many customers very unhappy.

More information is available on Visa's Web site:





MLS Forum access

I am trying to view the MLS Forum, but I keep receiving a message that says it is private. Can you help me?

Thank you,


To access the MLS Forum on GS Online, you will need to subscribe to The Green Sheet, which includes selecting a username and password for GS Online. Subscriptions and registration are free and always will be. You may subscribe and register online at


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