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October 09, 2018 • Issue 18:10:01

New Products

Smart, secure payment card reader for online, in-store transactions

Product: SPAD001
Company: Uniform Industrial Corp.

Global technology provider Uniform Industrial Corp. (UIC) has created the SPAD001, a secure payment card reader with 10-digit keypad designed to facilitate secure card-present (CP) and card-not-present (CNP) transactions. The portable, multipurpose device encrypts data at card entry, company representatives stated.

"UIC's SPAD001 is a PCI-PTS- and SRED-certified device that reads mag-stripe and EMV cards," said Albert Li, general manager at UIC. "It can seamlessly manage online and in-store transactions in real time while keeping sensitive data out of PCI scope."

The SPAD001's 10-digit keypad is a unique feature that can improve efficiency and transaction speeds, Li noted. Abbreviated formats typically used in PIN pads can lengthen transaction times and increase risk of data entry errors. Li recommends using the multipurpose payment card reader as a backup solution when primary payment card readers fail to read magnetic stripe or EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) cards.

End-to-end security

As a PCI-validated SRED (Secure Reading and Exchange of Data) device, the SPAD meets payments' highest standards for multiple encryption-enabled payment devices and anti-tamper features, Li pointed out, adding that its end-to-end security framework ensures that data never exists in clear text form until reaching a trusted recipient.

Consistent with PCI Security Standards Council guidelines for PIN transaction security, the SPAD001 employs unique and private cryptographic keys protected by advanced encryption algorithms. This secure framework protects payment card data from point of entry to secure processing host, where it can be decrypted in a controlled setting, the company stated.

The SPAD001 also securely authenticates data to facilitate secure remote access and firmware updates, Li noted. "The SRED module dictates security parameters for point-of-interaction (POI) devices used to process customer payment card data and will not retain sensitive data longer than necessary for business purposes," he stated.

Following are additional features and benefits the company described:

  • Multiple encryption capabilities: SPAD001 uses DUKPT (derived unique key per transaction) to create a unique key for each transaction, which is never re-used. The device also employs Triple DES encryption, AES encryption and RSA encryption (First Data Transarmor and GlobalPayment E3/Voltage).
  • Multiple integration options: The SPAD001 is compatible with numerous POS configurations and merchant environments, company representatives stated. They additionally noted the popular semi-integration option frees merchants and independent software vendors from PCI compliance concerns.

Adaptable, market-ready

UIC's payment engine modules provide hardware and software payment-of -things (PoT) solutions for Windows, Android and iOS environments, Li said. He defined UIC's PoT solutions as interconnected payment devices, with embedded electronics, software and network connectivity, that collectively process secure payment transactions while streamlining device certifications. PoT benefits include lower maintenance costs, fast integration and fast performance via Quick Chip and Fast Chip embedded technologies.

The flexible UIC payment engine modules and PoT solutions are designed to readily adapt to fixed, mobile, in-store and online settings, including the following examples:

  • Online, CNP transactions: The SPAD001 securely processes CNP transactions. The SRED, PCI-PTS compliant device enables operators to securely enter card numbers without exposing cardholder data. This feature promotes enhanced security across numerous market segments, including healthcare, hospitality, airline ticketing, florists, quick-service restaurants, mail-order operations, call centers and contracted service businesses, according to UIC representatives.
  • In-store, CP transactions: The SPAD001's tactile feel, small footprint and backlit display are compatible with a range of use cases and on-premise environments. The device's mag-stripe and L1 and L2 EMV readers securely process transactions while protecting merchants from liability.

    Merchants who provide take-out and delivery services can securely enter customer information and credit card numbers and complete the checkout process when orders are placed. Having the ability to process a complete order on the SPAD001 eliminates the need to deploy a mobile payment device, such as a smartphone peripheral or mobile payment card reader at time of delivery, company representatives stated.

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Website: www.uicusa.com Contact: info@uicusa.com

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