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November 27, 2017 • Issue 17:11:02

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What gets you pumped?

By Steven Feldshuh
Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions East

Do you jump out of bed in the morning ready to take on the new day, or is getting out of bed and starting your day more of a chore? If the latter is true for you, it's possible you lack a mission that sparks your passion. Researchers have found that passion is good for body and soul; it keeps your mind healthy and produces chemicals that can strengthen your body.

So, what am I getting at? Adrenaline. Adrenaline works in mysterious ways. It can give you great energy and better abilities. It's what pushes actors, musicians, lecturers or athletes to be their best.

What about you? How do you feel when you play a tennis match or a pick-up game of basketball? Get tickets to a great concert or find out your best friend is pregnant? Make a terrific sale or set a first date with someone enchanting? The question is: what gets you pumped?

What gets forum members going?

I posed this question to The Green Sheet's online MLS Forum and received a number of great responses from sales folk just like you and me, so pay attention. They are on to something.

Forum member Mariusz posted, "What makes my day and makes me excited and enthusiastic is a combination of planning ahead my operations while others are sleeping. After dropping off my kids at school I listen to some great music that pumps me up. … Additionally, when I sign a deal, or recruit, it proves my routine is working. When things go wrong, I look to correct them and rethink my approach."

Obviously, Mariusz is not the type to feel sorry for himself. The emphasis here is on planning, taking action, and finding positive, adrenaline inducing music.

Cardplayer wrote, "Once I have my morning coffee and get the latest industry insights and new technology briefs from The Green Sheet forum, I am invigorated and ready to tackle my day!"

So a combination of coffee and great business information helps to get Cardplayer going each day. I am addicted to the caffeine, but reading so early in the morning, not so much.

"Thinking about my self-sufficient and successful daughters, and their successes, along with marriage plans gets me pumped, TheCreditCardman stated. "Thinking about being married to my best friend for almost 38 years makes my day."

May I add having a picture of your loved ones nearby to boost your spirits after you receive a no is a good idea too.

TheCreditCardman added something we are all energized by: being able to own your own business and run with your own ideas. And on a lighter note, he said, "The Philadelphia EAGLES when they win pumps me up for the week." I think we all can identify with the high from our favorite team winning.

But the No. 1 thing that gets TheCreditCardman pumped up (excluding his family) is making a sale. "No better high than making a sale," he wrote. "Just like when I was selling neckties and tie clips at age 12 door to door."

Finding your bliss

We all got pumped up as children when we went on family trips or out to special-occasion dinners. The simple act of getting ice cream from a truck or store was exciting as a kid. The anticipation of opening birthday presents was also adrenaline inducing. Graduation from elementary school and high school were occasions to be pumped up, as were the first job interview, first date and first kiss.

So how can we bring that uplifting quality to each day now? Eating healthy and getting a good night's sleep should be routine. Then the key is to determine what gets you pumped, which is probably similar to what boosts other payment professionals. We are sales guys and gals, after all; we like to succeed, to live well and help others with their success.

That said, focusing on what gets you going each morning and sustains you throughout the day is something you need to do for yourself. If you aren't pumping yourself up regularly, you are losing out on life ‒ and losing potential sales. Attitude is everything. Getting your adrenaline pumping requires a first-rate mindset. So find your adrenaline rush, and make it work for you. Let's all do it and blow the doors off of our sales goals. end of article

Steven Feldshuh, President of Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions East, has 18 years' experience in sales and ISO development. Directly prior to joining MCPSE in 2012, he was President of Payment Partners. In his current position, Steven devotes the bulk of his time to assisting agents in building their portfolios. Contact him by email at stevenf@mcpseast.com or by phone at 212-392-9202.

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