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November 28, 2016 • Issue 16:11:02

New Products

Personalized, mobile, in-store shopping

Product: Contextual Commerce Platform
Company: OmnyPay Inc.

San Francisco-based OmnyPay Inc. launched the Contextual Commerce Platform, a digital commerce solution designed to consolidate personalized offers into a single scan on a mobile device. The service can help retailers simplify checkouts while improving margins and customer longevity, the company stated.


"We've addressed four top concerns of today's retailers," said Amitaabh Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer at OmnyPay. "OmnyPay's open platform supports all mobile carriers and operating systems, eliminating expensive equipment upgrade cycles, replacing restrictive POS systems and enabling retailers to simplify checkouts while encouraging customers to use lower-cost payment methods."

Powered by OmnyPay

OmnyPay noted that leading U.S. retailers have built mobile apps on the OmnyPay platform to provide a consistent experience across all channels. Retail apps powered by OmnyPay provide a variety of products in-store, online and directly from brands. Shoppers can redeem loyalty, rewards, offers and payments at the POS or by self-service checkout on mobile phones. Retailers have leveraged the OmnyPay platform and dynamic pricing capabilities to enhance day-to-day operations and customer experience without having to invest in costly upgrades to legacy systems and core infrastructures. The platform's flexible architecture is easy to integrate, enabling retailers to launch a full mobile app in a matter of weeks, software developers reported.

API libraries, solution sets

OmnyPay said its contextual commerce platform enables large retailers to create a fully branded, interactive digital commerce ecosystem that encourages consumers to use their mobile phones throughout all phases of shopping, including in-store, online and in-app experiences. OmnyPay added that its digital commerce platform additionally offers:

  • Payment method optimization: The platform enables retailers to drive traffic to low-cost payment options by introducing shopper incentives at checkout.
  • Dynamic checkout: OmnyPay can link a shopper's mobile device, retailer back-end and retailer in-store POS system in real time, enabling the retailer to identify the shopper and shopper history and preferences, to automatically and digitally synchronize relevant offers, coupons and promotions. The shopper only needs a POS identifier and quick response (QR) code to initiate the checkout.
  • Mobile commerce: The cloud-based platform's multifactor authentication enables shoppers to check out securely from anywhere in the store, eliminating wait lines and reducing the risk of shopping cart abandonment.
  • PCI compliance: The platform is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS)-compliant system that keeps the entire consumer data stream in the cloud and outside the scope of physical store environments, mobile devices and public data networks.
  • Data analytics: The platform provides a broad set of customer shopping and marketing data to retailers that can be used to strengthen customer loyalty while protecting and securing related data, user credentials and personally identifiable information.
  • API-driven platform integration: OmnyPay's open cloud platform and application programming interface (API) libraries can be easily integrated with leading vendors to deliver loyalty, payments and coupons, and location-based services, customer relationship management and social messaging features.

Upgraded shopping

OmnyPay also pointed out that it unifies each touchpoint of the consumer experience into a continuous shopping experience. Following are some examples OmnyPay provided:

  • At home: Shoppers can create and edit profiles and preferences, and select payment tenders and items of interest on the mobile app.
  • In-store browsing: Shoppers in a store are prompted to download/open the mobile app to receive location-relevant information, including placement of items in the store and real-time inventory.
  • In-store checkout: Shoppers connected to in-store checkout systems receive updates and relevant offers based on their shopper profiles.
  • Online ecommerce: Shoppers can view offers on a dashboard and check out via a web-based cart.
  • In-app commerce: Shoppers can use their dashboard and one-touch checkout in the mobile app.
  • Virtual aisle: Shoppers can view and purchase items on the mobile web, checking out with their stored credentials in a single scan.
  • Smart posters: OmnyPay's QR code scheme can make any scannable surface into a point of commerce.

"OmnyPay's contextual commerce platform transforms a simple smartphone into a digital shopping channel that builds long-term relationships between retailers and customers," Malhotra said. end of article

Website: www.omnypay.net Contact: info@omnypay.net

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