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July 24, 2016 • Issue 16:07:02

New Products

Web-based statement analysis, CRM platform

Product: Clientvine
Company: Clientvine LLC

Clientvine, a software development company established in 2014 and headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, has created a suite of software solutions for ISOs and merchant level salespeople. Built by former ISOs, the platform uses smart tools and advanced analytics to refine and enhance an array of critical business functions, from lead generation to statement analysis to customer relationship management (CRM). The user interface is designed to be simple, easy to manage and readily accessible from connected devices.


"Agents can use their tablets or smart phones to enter key metrics from a merchant statement into our software," said Nathan Randel, Managing Partner at Clientvine. "Our algorithm picks up agent buy rates and accounts for interchange to provide all merchant pricing options in an easily understandable way." The simplified, automated method of statement analysis can also privately show agents their potential revenue streams. Merchant level salespeople (MLSs) who have used the tool have increased closing rates by an average of 10 percent, Randel noted.

"As a former ISO, any CRM software I was using seemed like it wasn't designed by salespeople; programmers don't understand the pressure that's on you when your merchant is waiting for an answer," Randel said. "Our statement analysis tool helps merchant level salespeople deliver great savings on the spot, without giving away everything."

Free trial, all-in-one toolkit

The Clientvine platform is optimized for tablets, smartphones and desktop devices and will format merchant proposals, presentations and savings comparisons in attractive and accessible layouts, the company stated. Designed to streamline the sales process, Clientvine provides a full set of management tools to facilitate lead distribution, report generation and management and tasks related to managing a team and running an ISO. ISOs, acquirers and MLSs can test Clientvine software for 30 days at no charge. Throughout the free trial, prospective clients will have unlimited access to the entire platform, which is continually updated in response to the evolving merchant services industry. Following are examples of available features and solution sets:

  • Statement analyzer: Getting an appointment is half the battle in selling, Randel noted. When agents land an appointment and have a captive audience, the last thing they want to do is to have to walk out and call the home office or take a statement back to a pricing specialist. With Clientvine, all of the equipment inventory, application fees and setup costs are already in the system. Your agents can simply press a button and quote that merchant immediately, Randel said.
  • Merchant profiles: Clientvine tools were devised to enable MLSs to create fluid, manageable merchant profiles, using easily accessible templates to organize and track data.
  • Custom pipeline: A flexible, configurable pipeline tool enables ISOs to manage their pipelines according to their unique methodologies and sales cycles. MLSs can link presentations, email trails and related data to merchant profiles, tracking their progress throughout the lead management lifecycle.
  • Document storage: Users can upload and access data from wherever they are working.
  • Proposals: Customized proposals can be created on the fly, enabling agents to immediately respond to requests for written and emailed presentations. Agents can embed their own marketing materials and videos in the presentations. A unique URL is generated with every presentation sent out; agents are notified when a merchant clicks on an emailed presentation.

Digital solutions, presentations

The payments industry is rich in technology, but MLSs remain the chief delivery system for getting that technology to market, Randel noted. Additionally, many ISOs produce corporate videos that could enhance individual agent presentations.

"When an agent finally gets in the door, it's their chance to engage with a prospective customer," Randel added. "Why would they take out a pen and paper to present a purely digital solution when they have the opportunity to take that merchant through a different experience than they've ever had?" end of article

Website: www.clientvine.com Contact: nathan@clientvine.com

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