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January 26, 2015 • Issue 15:01:02

New Products

Intelligent choice for connected,upscale dining

Product: Owl
Company: OMNI Brain Lab

OmniBrainLab, a product design company based in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, has created Owl: an interactive system designed to optimize the upscale dining experience. The low-profile Owl device, which sits on a restaurant table, has a three-pronged directional base that diners can use to discreetly signal servers to communicate three primary messages:

  1. Please do not disturb.
  2. We'd like assistance.
  3. We're ready to pay our bill.

A different way to tip

When the device is tipped, a colored light will simultaneously appear on the tabletop device and on the tablet at the wait station, making the staff aware that a request has come in. The device is also equipped with an anti-theft detection system that's automatically triggered if the device is removed from the table.

Optional customer app

In addition to using the handheld device to signal servers, consumers can download a free app that connects their phones to the Owl. They will be notified of a successful connection when a flashing white light illuminates the Owl. Once the download is complete, customers can view the menu, order meals and share their dining experiences using social media. When a customer tips the device to signal an order, a blue light will signal a server while sending an alert to the restaurant manager. The manager's app will detect the table's location, and send an acknowledgement to the customer. The system will also track the time it takes for servers to respond to the incoming request. Sometimes customers prefer not to be interrupted by servers. When the device is tipped in the direction of the "do not disturb" icon, a white light activates the privacy feature and notifies the restaurant manager of the "do not disturb" request. Customers who are ready to pay can avoid unnecessary delays. A magenta-colored light will illuminate the device while a "pay" alert is sent to the management app.

Analytics and customization

Owl measures device performance including power, battery level and location. In addition, activity history is stored on each device. And managers can evaluate server response data to reward employees. Customized, branded versions of Owl are available. For information on becoming a reseller, contact jose@omnibrainlab.com. end of article


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