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March 10, 2014 • Issue 14:03:01

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Flexibility in work, not just in service

Today, sales is about personalization. ISOs offer payment services and value-added features that can be configured to the needs of individual merchants. One merchant might require a mobile-based loyalty program; another could be interested in a better way to handle business-to-business checks. ISOs must be flexible in their service offerings to stay relevant in this fast-paced industry.

This can be applied to employees and workplaces, too. For example, an ISO may be rigid about how customer service reps interact with clients. Sticking to the script might be the order of the day. But permitting more conversational and free-flowing interactions between reps and customers could give customers more positive impressions of their service providers. This could translate into stickier merchants.

That same philosophy can be applied to job responsibilities. Surveys suggest the majority of people do not enjoy their jobs. This does not need to continue. Many employees thrive on diversity and not having to do one thing all day long. People typically have core responsibilities that demand their day-to-day attention. But what about less critical tasks? If all team members were trained on peripheral responsibilities (that still need to get done), those duties could be shared so that no one employee gets burned out or overloaded.

And if there is more flexibility in job assignments, why not incorporate more flexibility into physical workplaces? Forward looking tech companies allow their employees to determine certain aspects of their work spaces, including the physical dimensions and layouts of individual work stations. Companies have also created common work areas with lounge-style furniture to foster team building and collaboration. These approaches have been effective in keeping employees productive and happy at work.

Working from home (or from the coffee shop) is also gaining popularity. If the work gets done on time, and at the same level of quality, why not allow employees more control over their work lives?

Keeping business thriving is not just about staying relevant with merchants. Worker satisfaction is also an edge you can sharpen to rise above competitors. More and more, that "edge" is a flexible one. end of article

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