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April 22, 2013 • Issue 13:04:02

New Products

Reaching out to Level III clients

Product: ePNBillPay with Level III Enhanced Data
Company: eProcessing Network LLC

Houston-based payment gateway and software developer eProcessing Network LLC (ePN) recently upgraded its flagship online bill payment solution ePNBillPay with Level III Enhanced Data processing, which means small to midsize businesses (SMBs) can now expand their customer bases to include large commercial enterprises and government entities, the company reported.

"ePNBillPay with Level III Enhanced Data is an ideal solution for merchants interested in processing commercial and high-ticket transactions," stated Steve Sotis, President of ePN.

The system automatically pre-populates Level III information into invoice and purchase order processes, so businesses can save time and effort when deploying it. "With pre-populated fields established within the ePNInventory database, the merchant saves money by qualifying for the lower transaction rates and fees, and saves time by not having to manually key in the additional information needed to qualify for Level III discounts," Sotis noted.

According to ePN, with Level III processing, detailed transaction data is transferred through the ePN Web Order Template, helping businesses qualify for Level III processing as well as track transactions. When a transaction is routed through any processing platform that is compatible with the ePN Secure Payment Gateway, the system validates the pre-populated fields to determine Level III status.

"Level III enhanced data is seamlessly integrated in other ePN business solutions such as Inventory Management, Customer Data Management and Accounting Solutions," said Bruce R. Shirey, Senior Vice President Business Development for ePN.

The system's new bill pay feature allows items such as commodity code, unit of measure and tax information to be embedded in the invoice process. The value-added web application enables merchants to manage accounts receivables, create and email invoices and receive electronic payments, all in compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) and Payment Application DSS, the company stated. Merchants can reportedly edit batch files after processing authorization-only transactions to adjust shipping fees and related expenses accordingly.

"Now with the bill pay feature introduced, the merchant can easily access and verify Level III information to reduce the amount of data entry typically needed," Shirey said. "Having the right suite of tools can help the merchant function more efficiently and see more profits realized."

Features of ePNBillPay with Level III Enhanced Data include:

  • Allows SMBs to contract with commercial and government entities
  • Pre-populates invoices and purchase orders with Level III information
  • Provides a PCI DSS and PA-DSS compliant payment solution
  • Integrates with other ePN business solutions in the product line
  • Offers enhanced customization features to reach targeted clients

eProcessing Network LLC
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