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February 14, 2011 • Issue 11:02:01

New Products

Receipt paper takes on the rainbow

Product: Colored receipt paper rolls
Company: POS Supply Solutions

A vibrant merchant sales tool is now available through POS Supply Solutions, a longtime provider of credit card terminal and POS system receipt paper rolls that run the gamut from thermal to single-ply and carbonless two-ply options. The company has just rolled out a new line of receipt paper rolls in a colorful spectrum of blue, green, pink and yellow.

"What brought about this development was demand from our customers," said Stephen Enfield, President of POS Supply Solutions. "In this day and age, where everything is so competitive, you want to try to stand out in the crowd. Businesses can make a big impact by choosing to print on colored paper rather than white." Research has shown that color enhances brand recognition and customer recall, he added.

Extra layer of security

One obvious application for colored receipts is holiday or seasonal promotions. To illustrate the point, Enfield said, "In the Boston area, because there are a lot of us Irish folks here, if they want to do a green paper for St. Patrick's Day or pink paper for Valentine's Day, they might want to do some timely promotions" using colored stock.

He said some merchants use colored receipts as a security enhancement when issuing printed tickets or redemptions, printing a different color each day. "That way, they know if it's printed on yellow paper, that's good for redemption today," Enfield said. "But, if [customers try yellow] tomorrow, it's not going to be any good." Merchants can print a custom logo or return policy on the receipt rolls as well.

Another reason cited for color rolls being more secure is the lack of accessibility, compared to generic white rolls. Enfield said it is not uncommon for thieves to fraudulently duplicate generic white receipts, exposing retailers to fraudulent returns. To prevent fraud with certain types of receipts, POS Supply is working to develop advanced security features including thermochromic inks that change color in response to temperature variations, scratch and secure inks designed to change color when scratched and void pantographs containing hidden messages that become visible only when copied.

BPA-free colors

Regarding the potential toxicity of bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical reportedly found in 40 percent of thermal paper receipts, Enfield noted that eliminating BPA from such receipts is a priority for him, and the colored receipt paper rolls available through POS Supply are all BPA-free.

"I'm actually on the EPA Advisory Board," he said. "We really take that seriously and are working with the paper mills to get as much BPA-free paper as we can. We stock a pretty broad lineup of BPA-free thermal paper rolls. At some point, hopefully all of our thermal paper will be BPA-free." (For more information on the issue, see "Are thermal paper receipts toxic?" The Green Sheet, Sept. 13, 2010, issue 10:09:01.)

Custom options

POS Supply currently offers colored receipt rolls in two standard sizes for the payments industry: the 2 1/4" roll fits standard credit card terminals, and the 3 1/8" roll fits POS system printers. At some point, the company plans to offer a high-yield, micro-size paper roll for handheld wireless payment processing terminals. It will incorporate a thinner paper roll and core to reduce the frequency of replacements.

"I foresee, with additional demand, we'll go ahead and offer perhaps neon colors or other colors," Enfield said. "We do custom colors as well. If someone needs a particular color for a particular application, we can certainly do that." POS Supply also sells preprinted paper rolls, custom size rolls, various paper grades and security paper rolls. Minimum orders start at five cases.

POS Supply Solutions
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