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January 24, 2011 • Issue 11:01:02


Are company profiles paid advertising?

I'm about to start up a new ISO, and I was wondering how much it would cost to have a company profile published in The Green Sheet. I don't have much of a budget for marketing and promotions right now, but I'm planning ahead for when the business is well established and I'll be seeking more agent and partner relationships.

David Roebeth
Merchant Level Salesperson


The company profiles we publish in The Green Sheet are feature articles. They are not "advertorials," a type of paid advertising designed to read like editorial content. We do not publish advertorials.

We strive to publish profiles of companies that will be of interest to our readers. That means they are usually companies the payments industry's feet on the street can partner with in some way to enhance their companies and the services they provide to merchants. They might also be companies involved in inspiring activities or other endeavors that affect our readers' business interests.

In researching and writing profiles, we look for what is unique about each company - what it does that no other enterprise does, what its philosophy is, what its products and services are, what its history and objectives are and, most importantly, the company's relevance to our audience.

We typically publish one company profile in each issue; occasionally we publish two. The profiles come out in print, as well as online in PDF and HTML formats.

We also spotlight company profiles in an alphabetical directory on our website for approximately three years. These are located at www.greensheet.com/company_profiles.php.

It is easy to get on the list of companies we are considering for profiles. All you have to do is send a brief email to editor@greensheet.com. State that you'd like your company to be profiled, provide the name and brief description of your company, and be sure to include accurate contact information for the person at your company who will be moving the project through the interview and research process.

We have a long list of pending profiles, so I cannot predict how soon after you are put on the list that one of our writers will contact you. However, we do get to each company as soon as we can.

We also occasionally introduce new companies (less than 18 months old) to our readers through our First Look features. Your company may qualify for this. If you're interested in a First Look, just send a note to editor@greensheet.com.

We do, of course, offer an array of advertising options, both in print and online. If you're interested in learning more about those, contact Danielle Thorpe, our Assistant Vice President of Advertising Sales at danielle@greensheet.com or 800-757-4441.

We do draw a line between our editorial and advertising activities. In editorial, our goal is to provide the most useful and timely news, analysis and educational information payment professionals need to advance their careers. We focus on being a lasting, unbiased resource, one from which our readers, contributing writers and advertisers benefit immensely.


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