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January 10, 2011 • Issue 11:01:01


Bring in the year with steely resolve

As another year begins to unfold, you are probably formulating a fresh set of resolutions. And if you are serious about following through to make this year the best it can possibly be, now may be the time to rethink how you think.

One of the most powerful actions you can take in this regard is to banish the negative from your mind. If you find yourself feeling and acting like a curmudgeon, ask yourself why. Is it the economy? Is it the bad news in the media? If so, change your habits.

Nobody is forcing you to watch the evening news, read bitterly partisan websites or listen to incendiary radio programs.

Change to believe in

Numerous activities can uplift and inspire you. Play ball or take a yoga class in the evening instead of watching TV. Volunteer at a local senior center. Build something with your hands.

The point is by changing your mind, and thus your actions, you can gain control over your mood. It only takes the proper inclination and a little push to move you in a profoundly positive direction.

The same can be said for business. If your ISO is in the doldrums, you probably know better than anyone what needs to be done.

Maybe you see the potential in mobile payments and need to carve a space in that niche. Perhaps you should add a gift card program or a consultant to help your merchant base with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance.

So how can you implement the changes your business needs? The answer will be different for each entrepreneur, and it's worth taking the time to figure it out. The businesses that change as the economy and consumer preferences change are the ones that survive.

Rules to replace

Another area to review is rules. There are laws we must abide by or we could go to prison, but there are rules we live by that are merely what we buy into. In the ISO arena, what arbitrary and damaging rules do you live by?

The bottom line takes precedence over ethics? If you're not your company's top seller in your company, you're nobody? Reaching that sales quota is worth it even if the constant pressure is affecting your health?

Unhealthy rules can be replaced with better ones, including:

  • Adhering to best practices
  • Recognizing that your value as a human being is not tied to your production at work
  • Trusting that taking it slower will likely help you live longer and make you more money in the end

A list of resolutions will help you attain your dreams in 2011 if - and only if - you remain positive and back them with resolve.

The beauty of this is that you can start showing resolve any time. Like today. end of article

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