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December 27, 2010 • Issue 10:12:02


It's a fine life, isn't it?

At this time of year, the holiday gatherings are coming to an end, wrapping paper is in the recycle bin, retailers have marked down leftover merchandise, and many folks are giving thought to the approaching year. But before making plans for the year to come, how about appreciating the year you have just lived?

If you are reading The Green Sheet, it is likely you are working in the payments industry - a major blessing in these tough times. While nothing is perfect, in life or in the workplace, the fact that you have been able to provide financially for yourself and your family should give you a sublime feeling of accomplishment and peace of mind.

As an ISO or merchant level salesperson (MLS), you helped merchants stay in business and thrive in 2010. By doing that, you provided an invaluable service to the economy, to employers and to their employees. It is therefore acceptable - in fact necessary - that you take a measure of joy in that achievement.

Now sit down at your desk, put your feet up and reflect on the year that is nearly complete. Don't dwell on the merchants that you lost or that week in June when it seems all you did was put out one merchant fire after another.

Bask in the goodness

Instead, think about all the great things that happened. Maybe it was that day a co-worker picked up the slack when you had to rush off for a family emergency or when you called in a favor and a terminal supplier rushed a terminal to one of your merchants whose device had gone down.

Appreciate even the slightest bit of good news. Remember when you were running late one morning and you got a green light at every intersection, so you reached your first appointment right on time? Or how about the afternoon you found that guy's business card at the bottom of your briefcase and he turned out to be a solid lead?

Think about all the new people you met in 2010 and all the positive conversations you had with merchants. Reflect on the laughter you shared with colleagues and the cards you received on your birthday. Don't forget the money your office collected for charity or the new puppy your colleague brought into the office one day. It brought you a smile, didn't it?

Sure, you've got your share of troubles. But don't let negativity reign. This is the ideal time to remind yourself of all that has gone right for you in the past year. It's time to remember that life is good. Because it is. end of article

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