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May 10, 2010 • Issue 10:05:01


The end of an error

Please update your staff or writers as to my correct title: Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for Group ISO. I keep getting referred to as a Certified Fraud Examiner. This is not correct, and I do not want to use a designation that I have not earned and that does not belong to me. This was an error made very early on in my career, and I would like to ask for your assistance in making it right.

By the way, great article on "The worldwide fraud web exposed." Well done! Thank you for all your assistance.

Ted Svoronos
Group ISO


Thank you for alerting us to the error. We searched our online archives and corrected the articles that contained the wrong designation by replacing it with your title at Group ISO. We will continue to use your Group ISO title going forward.

And thank you for giving a shout out to "The worldwide fraud web exposed," The Green Sheet, April 12, 2010, issue 10:04:01. We appreciate the contributions you made to the article during our research process; the assistance you and other industry experts provide is invaluable.


Who knows portfolios?

Could you tell me who to contact to value a residual portfolio? I am interested in buying an associate's portfolio and adding the accounts to my portfolio. Thank you.

John Kreiger
The Bankcard Team LLC


We asked payment attorney Adam Atlas and Biff Matthews, President of Thirteen Inc., for suggestions on this. Both men frequently contribute articles to The Green Sheet and are on our advisory board.

Adam suggested Mark Dunn, an industry consultant and the founder of Field Guide Enterprises LLC. You can reach him at mark@fgofieldguide.com.

Biff endorsed Deanna Rich, Senior Associate of The Strawhecker Group, www.thestrawgroup.com/the-firm/the-associates/deana-rich; Todd Ablowitz, President of Double Diamond Group LLC, todd@doublediamondgroup.net; and Jack and Fran Dale of consulting firm Entandem, www.entandem.com.

He also mentioned payment consultant Mary Dees Griffith, mdees.griffith@creditranz.com, and Alan Druso, First Vice President of First Financial Bancorp, www.ffbcorp.com, as being qualified to advise parties interested in selling or purchasing merchant portfolios.

For additional recommendations, try posting a question on GS Online's MLS Forum. If you haven't registered for the Forum yet, you can do so by clicking Register Today! in the upper right-hand corner of our home page at www.greensheet.com.


Call us, write us

Would you like us to cover a particular topic? Is there someone you consider an industry leader? Did you like or dislike a recent article in The Green Sheet? What do you think of our latest GSQ? E-mail your comments and feedback to greensheet@greensheet.com or call us at 800-757-4441.

From GS Online's MLS Forum

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Forum better than Google

GS Online MLS Forum member JEH1003 recently asked, "Anyone know of a list of merchants who have had PCI breaches? ... I did a few Google searches, but didn't find much. Can anyone point me in the right direction?"

Forum member marinesteban provided useful links, including www.breachblog.com and www.privacyrights.org/ar/chrondatabreaches.htm.

JEH1003 thanked marinesteban and said, "I think the Forum is better than Google sometimes, LOL."

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