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The archetype in the mirror

The archetype in the mirror

The archetype in the mirror

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The case for collecting fees

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Humboldt Merchant Services


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Ditch the holiday roller coaster





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December 08, 2008  •  Issue 08:12:01

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Ditch the holiday roller coaster

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
Albert Einstein

As ISOs and merchant level salespeople, you know better than most just how much retailers depend on holiday-season sales to carry them through the following year; your fortunes are entwined with theirs, after all.

But money isn't the only thing being spent this time of year. The season demands time and energy, as well. How does that affect you? When a cashier wishes you happy holidays, do you inwardly groan a bit because you have so many extra tasks still undone?

The holiday season, for most, is fraught with endless extra errands, events and decisions. Like Santa, we're making lists and checking them twice: holiday card lists, gift lists, guest lists, holiday dinner grocery lists and to-do lists.

Too much to do

Your to-do list probably includes many of the following - and more:

Your list probably also includes events to attend, such as:

While many of the listed tasks are pleasurable, they can be time consuming and taxing. Factor in the routine personal activities that must continue despite the holidays (take the garbage out, drive the children to piano lessons, pick up the dry cleaning, shop for groceries and so forth), and getting everything accomplished can seem impossible. So, how can you keep yourself from being run into the ground? Eliminate activities that drain your time and energy.

Time to let go

Following are possible candidates for elimination or, if you can't chuck them, reduction:

And here are some bad habits to break (or avoid if you don't do them already):

We all know the wisdom of managing time and prioritizing tasks to attain professional and personal goals. It makes sense to pay particular attention to this during the holidays. Eliminate the unnecessary clutter from your day, and don't overdo. After all, what's the point of celebrating only to be sick in bed afterward?

If you draft a plan and eliminate the unnecessary tasks, you may even be able to schedule a massage or an extra round of golf.

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