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                                                                also be useful. An evergreen article by industry veteran
                                                                Biff Mathews, "Revisit that elevator pitch," published
                                                                Feb. 9, 2009, contains steps you can follow today: www.
        Help with networking                                    This is also something a mentor could help you with.
                                                                Is there an expert at your ISO who could coach you?
        When Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off the holiday   How about an industry leader you admire or a highly
        season, it's also the start of a slew of get-togethers with   successful colleague? Another place to seek advice is our
        family, friends and community members for me – and I    online MLS Forum. You can pose questions and interact
        expect plenty of others. I've made it a point to get involved   with others willing to offer their insights. You might find
        in local community affairs to make connections. The     a professional there who is able to work with you one-on-
        trouble is that while I'm great at following through on   one.
        warm leads I receive through my ISO, which I'm grateful
        for, this success hasn't translated to networking with   And remember, you have unique skills. Play to your
        people I meet at events. I'm not sure what to do differently   strengths. Every organization has its own flavor and
        to foster greater success with this slew of gatherings ahead.  approach. Just because you might not do your best at
                                              Lionel Garrity    one gathering doesn't mean you won't click with the next
                                  Merchant Level Salesperson    group. The thing to do is to keep at it, learning as you go.
        Lionel,                                                                                               Editor
        Our archives contain a wealth of information on         Are you a networking guru?
        networking. If you enter "networking" in the Search field
        on our home page,, you'll get a list of   What advice do you have for networking success in the
        relevant articles published in the last dozen years. Peruse   payments industry? Please share your expertise and
        them, and you'll find some offer tips on how to improve   feedback at
        your networking. Refreshing your elevator pitch could
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