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Letter from the editors                                  Empowering  & Connecting

                  ata security professionals focused on the
                  payments and fintech industries work tire-             today’s
                  lessly to combat the ongoing onslaught of
        D fraud perpetrated by sophisticated crimi-                    payments
        nal enterprises operating throughout the globe. One
        organization working to bring these experts together
        to secure transactions and the infrastructure that sup-     professionals
        ports them is the PCI Security Standards Council. The
        council is known for its promulgation and manage-
        ment of the Payment Card Industry security standards.
        This issue's lead article discusses the Payment Card
        Industry Data Security Standard Version 4, as well as
        several other initiatives devised to increase interaction,
        member engagement and innovation in our realm.            • Spotlight Innovator
                                                                    Web Pages:
        Our contributing writers regularly address transaction
        security, as well. In this issue, one expert discusses      Capture prospects with
        the growing problem of cart-not-present fraud, which        branded, customized
        could break $6 billion in 2019, and how ISOs and MLSs       web pages for
        can help protect their merchants. Other topics explored
        include how to avoid errors in the merchant-application     innovators and leaders.
        stage to avoid delays during underwriting; why
        solutions designed for broad business segments are        • Video Content
        not ideal for specialized merchants' needs; legislation     Marketing: Educate and
        passed by the House of Representatives that could pave
        the way toward a safe harbor for banks that want to         impress with animation
        serve cannabis businesses; and the many aspects of the      and white-board
        payments industry worth appreciating at Thanksgiving
        and throughout the year.                                    explainer videos.
                                                                  • Resource Guide: Grab
        In the news, we've reported on the recent Money20/20
        conference  held in Las Vegas at the end of October,        attention with advanced
        which focused on the future of money. The article shares    mini ads in print and
        perspectives of a number of executives who spoke
        about the topics and issues of concern as payments and      online.
        fintech executives help shape commerce going forward.
        We also reported on a conference produced by Monitor,     • Targeted Email
        a trade publication and resource for equipment finance      Campaigns: Reach
        professionals;  the  new  collaboration  between  the
        Women's Network in Electronic Transactions and the           responsive professionals
        European Women Payments Network through which               who know and trust
        they  will  mutually  support  efforts  to  create  better
        opportunities for women and the men who advocate            The Green Sheet.
        for them in the fintech and payments industries; and
        Kabbage, the online lender that has been building a
        business in small-business financing and now wants
        a slice of the payment processing pie, particularly
        business-to-business transactions.                                        Danielle Thorpe

        In addition to company an new product profiles, we've                           AVP Media Partnerships
        included our customary updates on recent executive
        appointments, partnerships and acquisitions, relevant
        research,  emerging  technologies  and  solutions,  and
        other individual and company milestones in payments.
        Please help us share your news by sending press                     707-284-1686
        releases to, and remember to send
        feedback to

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