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        Following are excerpts from news stories recently posted under Breaking   Mike Camerling, CEO at AEVI, said bank and processors,
        Industry News on our home page. For links to these and other full   working together, can help businesses accelerate payment
        news stories, please visit  flows. "By looking beyond payments, they can help busi-
        php?flag=previous_breaking_news.                        nesses run more efficiently and add value to differentiate,"
                                                                he said. "We're seeing a power shift as merchants take con-
                                                                trol and enable the journey for their customers."

                                                                The Green Sheet spoke with a number of additional
                                                                executive at the conference. Their perspectives are shared
                                                                in the full news article.
                                                                Monitor conference attracts equipment
                                                                finace revolutionaries

                                                                Nearly 100 equipment finance executives convened at
                                                                Philadelphia's Museum of the American Revolution on
                                                                Nov. 6, 2019, to examine technology's impact on their
        Money20/20 spotlights diverse, Money20/20               evolving industry. Monitor, an industry trade publication
        spotlights diverse, convergent journeys forward         and resource for equipment finance professionals,
                                                                hosted Equipment Finance Disrupted+, the first in a new
        Technology startups and legacy brands gathered Oct. 27   conference series. The one-day event included a mix of
        to 30, 2019, at the Las Vegas Sands Expo and Convention   keynote presentations, panel discussions and networking
        Center for Money20/20 USA. This year's theme, Journey   opportunities.
        to the Future of Money, was reflected in more than 500
        presentations, networking meet-ups and trending hashtags   Eduardo Del Rio, cofounder and president of AA Bankers,
        #Money2020 and #Money2020USA. The conference drew       a working capital solutions company, found the conference
        more than 2,300 senior executives and 3,400 companies,   enjoyable and thought-provoking. "It's important for
        according to event organizers.                          finance leaders to think outside the box and not just stick to
                                                                what we know," he said. "The information was interesting,
        Designed to stimulate connections, insight and          especially the demonstrations about how businesses can
        growth, the event provided a platform for speakers and   leverage technology."
        attendees to examine a "faster, smoother, more connected
        money ecosystem," organizers stated. The ambitious      In opening comments, keynote speaker Deborah Reuben,
        agenda, aimed at consolidating the entire commerce      president of Reuben Creative, challenged the audience
        value chain, provided numerous examples of how          to look ahead, recognize trends and create a technology
        technologies are reshaping the customer experience.     watch list. "Think about what's possible at the intersection
                                                                of multiple technologies," she said, pointing out that
        Ralph F. Martinez, head of ACH sales at transmodus,     advanced technologies are augmenting, rather than
        doing  business  as  linked2pay,  observed  a  diversity  of   replacing, existing systems. Examples included mobile,
        perspectives about how to make money faster, more       cloud computing, IoT, automation, blockchain, 3-D
        secure, engaging, seamless, global and transparent. "From   printing, robotics and virtual reality.
        small to giant  brands,  panel  discussions  and  keynotes
        reflected a healthy sense of competition," he said. "The   Bill Verhelle, CEO at Innovation Finance USA, launched a
        common conference theme is that the consumer is king!"  mobile app from scratch after serving as co-founder and
                                                                CEO at First American Commercial Bancorp from 1996 to
        Craig  Ramsey,  head of  real-time payments  at ACI     2012. Twenty years after starting First American, Verhelle
        Worldwide, said, "Digital products, layered over real-time   was ready to begin a new company on a clean slate. He
        payment rails, will give banks more reasons to use real-  was among the innovators who shared their experiences
        time payments. Solutions include request for payment,   at the conference.
        merchant engagement and mobile phone manufacturers
        plans to embed real-time payment initiation services into   Women cross borders for diversity in payments
        the phone."
                                                                Following a long-standing tradition of cooperation among
        It's  not  just  success  examples  that  we  are  studying,   payments enterprises to expand business prospects while
        Ramsey added, but less successful examples that can help   bettering the industry, two organizations formed a prom-
        service providers identify areas of interest and avoid time-  ising alliance last week. Having determined they share a
        wasters. Swift compliance, Fed wire standards, changes   mission to create better opportunities for women and the
        in public mindset and continuing cooperation among      men who advocate for them in the fintech and payments
        industry stakeholders will continue to take quite a bit of   industries, the Women's Network in Electronic Transac-
        effort, he noted.                                       tions (Wnet) and the European Women Payments Network
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