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        Need help with cold calling                               •  "Simple questions set the stage for results," by
                                                                     Kathleen Gillespie, April 24, 2017, issue 17:04:02
        I was deciding between writing deals for two ISOs
        headquartered close to where I live. One seemed to have   •  "Reset, revive your 2017 sales goals," by Mike
        abundant leads but didn't offer as good a split for a new rep   Ackerman, March 13, 2017, issue 17:03:01
        like me as the other. So I opted for the second. Unfortunately,
        even though I will make more per deal, I have to depend on   •  "Leveling the playing field for the not-so-super ISO,"
        cold calling to generate business. No leads are coming to    by Nancy Drexler, Dec. 8, 2014, issue 14:12:01
        me from the ISO. None whatsoever. And I'm finding I'm
        not very good at cold calling. Do you have any suggestions?  •  "A heated exchange on cold calling," by Dale S. Laszig,
                                                                     Nov. 25, 2013, issue 13:11:02
                                                Arthur Wendt
                                                          ISA  For additional archived articles, enter cold call, warm leads
        Arthur,                                                and similar terms in our search engine. Also, register for
                                                               our MLS Forum through the Forums tab in the top menu bar
        Thank you for reaching out. Our archives are full of articles   on our home page,, and you'll be able
        going back several years with tips on cold calling, as well as   to tap into the wisdom of other merchant level salespeople
        on how to develop warm leads for yourself through referral   and ISOs, many of whom have extensive experience in both
        partnerships. Here is a sampling of the articles you might   making cold calls and developing other ways to generate
        find useful:                                           new business.
           •  "Solving coulda, woulda, shoulda syndrome," by
              Dale S. Laszig, June 24, 2019, issue 19:06:02    Your approach to leads
                                                               How do you obtain leads for your business? What
           •  "Three ways to take your ISO to the next level," by   percentage, if any, of your outreach is cold calling? Do you
              Jordan Olivas, June 11, 2018, issue 18:06:01
                                                               have referral partnerships? How well have they worked for
                                                               you? Let us know at

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