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        Following are excerpts from news stories recently posted under Breaking   least 15 merchant services ISOs. Each year, the Inc. 5000
        Industry News on our home page. For links to these and other full   names a crop of honorees based on three-year cumulative
        news stories, please visit  growth rates. Inc. Editor  in  Chief  James  Ledbetter  said
        php?flag=previous_breaking_news.                        what the listed companies have in common is "persistence
                                                                and seizing opportunities."
                                                                BAMS, IRIS founder Dimitri Akhrin
        Bluefin awarded patent for 'fingerprint' decryption     featured on American Dream

        Bluefin received a U.S. patent for its virtual fingerprinting   Dimitri Akhrin, founder of Bank Associates Merchant
        decryption method. The solution authenticates encrypted   Services and IRIS CRM, was featured in The American
        devices based on unique attributes, or "fingerprints." U.S.   Dream, a Bloomberg Television series. Hosted by Eric
        Patent No. 10,382,405 for Managing Payload Decryption   Roberts, the segment aired Aug. 17, 2019, and can be
        Via Fingerprints expands on a 2018 patent issued for    viewed on the IRIS CRM website. "The American Dream
        Bluefin's proprietary fingerprinting and point-to-point   is a show that inspires its audience by telling the story of
        encryption.  To  date,  the company has  received  17  U.S.,   humble beginnings and delving into each entrepreneur's
        Japanese and European patents.                          journey," Roberts stated. "These ambitious individuals
                                                                made their vision a reality and give hope that the dream
        Fast growing ISOs named to Inc. 5000                    is still possible."
        Inc. magazine published its list of the 5,000 fastest growing   Frontline launches CBD merchant program
        privately held companies  in America, and it includes at
                                                                          Frontline Processing Corp. launched the CBD
                                                                          Merchant Account Pilot Program, designed
                                                                          to  support  merchants  in  the  rapidly  growing
                                                    U.S. cannabinoids sector. The market is on
                                                                          track reach $20 billion by 2020, providing
                                                                          the card processing industry with abundant
                                                                          opportunities,   Frontline   representatives
                  Take Control, Impact                                    stated. The company has been active in the
                                                                          space, joining trade groups and meeting with
                                                                          government officials.
                 Growth, Find Success.                                    ACLU gives thumbs down to cashless

                                                                          The American Civil Liberties Union is taking a
                                                                          stand against cashless stores. The move could
                                                                          prove to be a boon to ISOs and MLSs selling
                                                                          cash discounting and credit card surcharging.
                 Are you looking      Are you       Do you want to        Why would the ACLU take on card payments?
                   for an agent      passionate      provide your         Reasons offered by Jay Stanley, senior policy
                    program        about helping    customers with        analyst for the ACLU Speech, Privacy and
                   that values       businesses    industry-leading       Technology Project, include security and
                 transparency and      grow?        products, and         privacy concerns associated with card and
                  desires to help                    unparalleled         other electronic payment methods, as well
                  you succeed?                     24/7/365 service?      merchant acceptance costs.

                                                                          Mastercard's not-so priceless data breach
                If you answered yes to these questions, the Agent Program
                    at Electronic Merchant Systems may be the right fit   Mastercard recently reported a data breach
                                     for you.                             involving cardholders who participated in its
                                                                          "priceless specials" loyalty program. Mastercard
                         Contact us today, and let’s get started!         informed data protection agencies in Germany
                                                                          and Belgium that it discovered on Aug. 19 and
                                                                          again  on  Aug.  21,  2019,  that  data  on  German
                        866.272.5247                                      cardholders participating in the priceless
                                                                          program  had  made  its  way  onto  the  Internet
                                                                          "for a certain period of time." Mastercard stated
                                                                          it promptly removed the data and informed
                                                                          those affected by the breach.

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