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Letter from the editors

                 egislators, merchants and even some pay-
                 ments professionals tend to equate merchant
                 cash advance products with loans. They nei-
        L ther realize this gap in knowledge nor do
        they grasp how much the area of nonbank finance has
        expanded and evolved in the past decade. New finance
        models exist for consumers and businesses alike, and
        professionals in this sector are rallying current and
        potential stakeholders to participate in educating leg-
        islators and customers, alike, while promoting best
        practices from within.

        This issue's lead article reports on goings on in the
        nonbank finance sphere, highlighting actions industry
        leaders are taking in terms of educational events, in-
        dustry associations, innovations in products and ser-
        vices, and efforts to educate and establish rapport with
        legislators so they can make informed decisions.

        Helping you to make informed decisions is what drives
        us at The Green Sheet, and to that end, our contributing
        writers have shared insights on several topics: whether
        it's new technology or existing technology used in new
        ways that's driving disruption in payments; the Federal                        Bridge the Gap
        Reserve's plan to build a real-time payment network
        while failing to support initiatives that could deliver                            between your
        near-instantaneous exchanges of funds with electroni-
        fied checks; the surprisingly strong impact the simple                     advertising dollars
        act of taking control of their presence on online review
        sites has on merchants' customer retention and prof-                            and bottom line
        its; the increased merchant stickiness that comes from
        working with technology partners to provide one in-
        tegrated solution for all payment-acceptance needs;         Customized advertising campaigns
        and how chargeback analytics can improve functions          to   t any size company and budget.
        throughout a business, not just chargeback ratios.
                                                                     • Spotlight Innovators’ Pages
        Technology also came to the fore in recent news sto-            (frequently updated content)
        ries posted under Breaking Industry News on  www. when Bluefin was awarded a patent for         • Print (various size options)
        "fingerprint" decryption. Also in the news was Dimitri
        Akhrin, founder of Bank Associates Merchant Servic-          • Resource Guide listing
        es and IRIS CRM, who was featured on The American               (print/online/front page options)
        Dream Bloomberg TV series; a number of payments in-
        dustry companies listed on this year's Inc. 5000; Front-     • Email Blasts (to GS readership)
        line's new CBD merchant acquiring program; the AC-
        LU's stand against cashless stores; and a data breach in-    • Online (website/twice month newsletter)
        volving cardholders in Mastercard's "priceless specials"     • Video
        loyalty program.
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        Recurring features that some readers always turn to
        first include Industry Update, where individual and
        company milestones are highlighted; product and                          Danielle Thorpe
        company profiles; and the Resource Guide, where pros
        look for potential partners and service providers. We                          AVP Media Partnerships
        hope this magazine helps to inform and empower you.
        Please let us know how we're doing at greensheet@green-           707-284-1686 And do keep sending press releases to press@
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